A family reunion sounds like the perfect plan to carve out unforgettable memories with your clan. However, it gets incredibly challenging to plan get-togethers when family members move out to different states or countries. You’re unable to pick a suitable time for picnics or family dinners when everyone is overwhelmed with domestic and professional responsibilities. 

But we cannot allow our responsibilities and hectic lifestyles to stop us from spending valuable time with our loved ones. A family reunion is the best way to ensure everyone has a fabulous time, from the kids to adults and seniors. However, planning a family reunion is certainly no walk in the park. Whoever takes this responsibility has to combat unprecedented stress to ensure everyone’s availability. 

There are numerous factors to consider to ensure a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable family vacation. The perfect destinations offer a little something to keep everyone occupied, such as entertainment activities for the kids or luxury spas for the ladies. 

Keep reading to explore the best places for an adventure-packed family reunion. 


Smoky Mountains National Park, USA 

The Smoky Mountains is undoubtedly one of the ultimate treasure troves of adventure and entertainment for a family reunion that promises to rejuvenate every family member. Many families around the year flock to this picturesque region of Tennessee to enjoy a well-rounded vacation. It’s only natural for parents to desire relaxation and rejuvenation without worrying about the kids. 

This majestic place offers an abundance of activities and theme parks to keep the little ones entertained. Nature lovers can venture deep into the heart of the wilderness and explore alpine waterfalls and exotic trails. We advise you to explore the lavishly large cabins in Gatlinburg, ideal for multiple families and decked with modern amenities. 

Gatlinburg, a centrally-located town, is laced with rewarding cultural experiences, ranging from wine and food to artisanal fairs and festivals.


Baha Mar, the Bahamas

Here’s the ultimate destination for a luxury-minded, jet-setting family: Baha Mar in the Bahamas. A top-rated destination for family-friend vacations, the Baha Mar is home to three world-class resorts. These include the SLS Baha Mar, the Rosewood Baha Mar, and the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. 

Imagine yourself in a heavenly setting surrounded by crystal blue waves and white sandy beaches. The best part is, adults can relax and unwind without worrying about the kids. The Baha Mar is famous amongst families because of the kid-friendly Explorers Club. It offers an abundance of exciting, adrenaline-packed adventures for young explorers and thrill-seekers. 

While the adults enjoy exotic underwater adventures and luxurious massages, the kids can indulge in exciting experiences of their own. The region is famous for the Dean’s Blue Hole, home to 11 stunning pools, waterfalls, and rip-roaring water sports. We strongly urge you to visit The Sanctuary, a marine conservation effort to protect sharks, sea turtles, and other creatures. 


Reserva Monteverde, Costa Rica

Do you wish to steer your family towards a reunion laced with exciting adventures and a love for the wilderness? Costa Rica is an unfiltered and less-crowded destination for adventure lovers and families wishing to connect with nature. 

Plan a trip to Reserva Monteverde, the crown jewel in Costa Rica’s well-deserved accomplishments in eco-tourism. The region is home to the spellbinding Bosque Eternal de Los Niños, which loosely translates to the Children’s Eternal Forest. The stunning expanse of the forest is much more enchanting than its fantastical name. 

It will lead you to an enormous stretch of dense rainforest, cloud forest, and evergreen forest. The region is brimming with an abundance of hiking trails that offer rare opportunities to spot exotic wildlife. Walking through the trails dominated by idyllic canopies of trees opens up an exciting world of outdoor activities. 

Families that travel to the Reserva Monteverde enjoy camping, sleeping under the stars, and chasing the sunrise on horse riding adventures. You can explore some pristine glamping sites in the region and wheelchair-friendly hiking trails for the senior or disabled. We strongly urge you to embark on a bread-making adventure in the forest – an iconic experience native to the region. 


North Island, New Zealand

Can you imagine the excitement on your kids’ faces when you tell them you’re planning a trip to Hobbiton? Even adults adore the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the setting of that movie is heart-shatteringly beautiful. So, why not embark on an exciting adventure into the landscape that has given birth to a much-loved fantasy series? 

North Island may not prove the most stunning destination compared with the snow-laced alpine settings of New Zealand. But it is the ultimate spot for an unforgettable family reunion. The scenery is overpoweringly dramatic, laced with fantasy and adventure. Children adore this region for it offers an abundance of attractions to keep them enthralled. 

For instance, the Coromandel Peninsula attracts families with the beguiling lure of the bubbling nature pools at Hot Water Beach. Families often end up renting a luxurious motorhome to enjoy the landscape without feeling rushed. 

You cannot enjoy a well-rounded experience without exploring the exotic lights in Waitomo’s glowworm caves. 


Montana, USA

Montana is an enriching and family-friendly destination to the Yellowstone national park and an abundance of outdoor adventures. Have you ever thought about renting a ranch in the middle of idyllic forests and picturesque creeks? Or perhaps, you appreciate the comfort of 1000 thread-count bedding after exhausting hikes through scenic nature trails. 

Either way, Montana is the perfect destination to indulge in nature, adventure, and relaxation with your family. Imagine yourself surrounded by over 6500 acres of lush forests, picturesque meadows, and snow-covered peaks. Families love the region because of the fabulous guided activities and trips to keep everyone entertained. 

For instance, you and the kids can sign up for hiking tours, photography workshops, or an exciting course on ropes. Luxury-minded travelers can explore world-class resorts and opulent spas for rejuvenating beauty treatments. Children can indulge in learning experiences, such as caring for farm animals, wildlife safaris, and botanical tours. 



Planning a family vacation requires scrutiny to several factors, of which comfort and safety demand greater attention. You cannot lead little children and seniors into a laced destination with deadly adventures and life-threatening hazards. It’s essential to pay close attention to everyone’s comforts and needs. 

A destination that excites you may not hold the same appeal for your siblings and their children. Be sure to account for everyone’s interests and inclination while planning the itinerary.