It’s getting warmer; you got your brand new kayak strapped to the roof of your car, ready for a lovely weekend out in the fresh air. But before going out on your adventure, it helps to be familiar with kayaking and what to expect.

Here are some valuable kayaking tips for beginners that will help you enjoy this awesome activity.


Invest in a good paddle

Find a good paddle that is sized correctly and feels as light in weight as you can afford. This doesn’t mean that you go for the expensive paddle available on the market, but investing in a couple of bucks in your paddle will ensure you have a better experience.

When kayaking moving the paddle back and forth may get tiring after a while, and it’s a lot more exciting to spend your energy moving the kayak through the water. Those cheaper paddles may work for your first few trips, but they may burn you out faster, and you will quickly wish you invested in a better paddle.

It works the same as when you use the wrong boots when you go hiking; a heavy, improperly sized paddle will make your kayaking trip miserable. Do your research and find the best paddle one with the right shape and length for your type of kayaking.


Learn to use a dry sack the right way

If you don’t use your dry sack correctly, it will leak, and all your valuables will be soaked. If you want to do it the right way, here is how; pack the dry sack 2/3 complete, then let the air out while holding the top together. Secondly, fold the top rim down no less than three times before buckling it. Be careful of the direction you clip the buckle; if you do it in the wrong order, it will make the dry sack unroll. Lastly, check if it is sealed tight by picking up the dry sack by the buckle loop.

If you prefer videos, then check out YouTube for some tutorials.


Go with a friend

When you are getting started, it’s easy to make mistakes or get nervous about kayaking. To make your adventure more fun, you can take a friend along with you who has more experience to help you teach you some practical field-tested advice. It will make the learning process much faster and safer. 

If you don’t know anyone with a boat, you can look for a paddling club around your area. When you paddle with a partner, you get to share camping gear. There is no need for you to carry stuff like two stoves when you can lighten each other’s burden. If you are also looking for kayak bags, ensure you invest in the best.


Invest in your PDF

Personal flotation devices (PDFs), also known as life jackets, are not guaranteed to save your life, but they increase your chances of doing so for yourself. Ensure you find one that fits well is of high quality for your comfort and safety. Be sure that your PDF offers enough room to move your arms freely when paddling and won’t cause chafing. You wouldn’t want your underarms rubbed raw like meat paddling down the river.