After searching for truck tonneau covers near me and finding the right cover, it’s time for installation. Tonneau cover installation varies depending on your truck and your cover, so always review instructions specific to your brand of cover. For most roll up tonneau covers, however, these steps can help you through the installation process so you can get back to work.

Choose the Right Cover Size

Covers can be used with a range of makes and models that use the same truck bed dimensions, but they are quite specific to the length and width of your truck bed. Ordering the wrong cover won’t give you the protection or easy installation you deserve.

The best way to shop for the right cover is to measure your truck bed. If you shop online, you can also select the make, model, year and trim of your truck to see only covers that match your vehicle.

Open Your Tailgate

When your tailgate is down, you’ll be able to better access your truck bed. Some hardware may be difficult to install with your tailgate closed. It’s also a good idea to clean out your truck bed before installing a cover. Roll up truck bed covers typically use a frame or side rail system, so you need to have plenty of room to access your entire truck bed.

Install the Frame and Hardware

Side rails hold the cover in place when it’s rolled out. Most roll up covers use either hook-and-loop or snaps to fasten to the side rails. Check your hardware to see if you have all the necessary components before beginning the assembly process. If there are included instructions, review them to be sure you understand the specific frame and hardware components included in your brand of roll up cover.

Typically, side rails are attached to the bed of your truck with included clamps. You may also need to use shims to support the rails and create a firm hold. Tighten the rails firmly down to prevent them from moving while you drive.

Roll Out the Cover

Roll the cover out and snap or hook it in place. Check all the edges to see if there are any gaps, creases or other signs that your cover isn’t on straight. It may take some time to adjust your roll up cover the first time.

You may need to loosen a clamp or a few clamps and adjust them to get a firm fit. Once you’re confident about the placement, go back through to double-check each clamp is fully tightened.

Some covers come with additional clamps for extended-length beds or for final installation. Secure these clamps after you’ve checked that the cover fits correctly.

Enjoy Improved Truck Bed Safety and Protection

Removing your roll up tonneau cover is just as easy as installing it. These versatile covers allow you to store your tools, camping gear or work supplies away from direst sunlight or prying eyes. Shop for BAK truck bed covers online today to order a highly rated option for your make and model of pickup truck.