Getting married is a wonderful event in every person’s life. Nowadays, a wedding is often regarded as a rather formal ceremony. Still, it’s a momentous event and an opportunity to share the love with all friends and family members. At the same time, organizing a truly special day for your wedding in another country is quite a popular trend today. And a pretty challenging one, from a financial and legal standpoints.


Getting Married Abroad: Quick Facts and Things to Consider

A wedding in another country adds a lot of romance to your wedding. Whether your destination country holds some kind of special meaning to you personally or is associated with romance overall, getting married abroad is a great idea. But just as the way this day is special for you and your love, it’s also special in legal and other formal terms. One of the greatest challenges that you and your love may face when getting married in another country is the issue with the documents.

To travel to another country, you might not need too many of them. Perhaps, your passport, tickets, and maybe a hotel reservation. Getting married is a much more complex process. So it also requires some more documents. And many of them must also be legalized in another country and translated to the official language of that country. Of course, the translation and most professional localization services are always ready to help you with that. But it’s still important to know, which documents you need to get translated. Fortunately, we’ve got the list of the top required documents to organize your wedding in most foreign countries.


 Key Documents to Prepare for Abroad Wedding

  • Passports. Obviously, to get married in another country, you and your partner must first travel there. And in order to do that, you must have your passports with you. The international passport is an official document issued by your country’s government and is its property. So, there’s no need for either legalization or translation of your passport in most countries. But if you plan to get married in Libya, a translation into Arabic might be required.
  • Original birth certificate. A birth certificate provides information as to when and where you were born, thus, legally confirming your age and nationality. This is needed to ensure that you are eligible to marry in accordance with the law of your native country as well as the country where you plan to host your wedding. This document is not as official as the passport. That’s because it’s usually issued by local governmental institutions. So, the legalization and translation of this document are absolutely required.
  • Original documents confirming your eligibility for marriage. If you’re getting married for the first time, don’t worry, this won’t make you uncomfortable at all. You’ll just need written confirmation from your local governmental institution that you have never been officially married before. In case if this is not your first marriage, you’re going to need to get either a divorce or a death certificate. These will confirm that you’re either officially not married anymore, or your former partner is not alive. In any case, the legalization and translation of the documents will be required as all of them are issued on a local basis.
  • Proof of the name change. You might have been married before or your name is otherwise different from that indicated in the birth certificate. For example, you were given your father’s last name at birth and then decided to take your mother’s maiden name as you were receiving your passport. In any case, you must provide legal proof that it’s you. As you only can get this document from local agencies, legalization and translation must be performed.


Things We Do for Love

Love can do wonderful things for us. It can completely transform our life for the better in a blink of an eye, and we might not notice. At the same time, we do lots of things for people we truly love. We can change our lifestyle to more settled down and pragmatic or ensure that the wedding we planned to hold abroad is organized perfectly. Marriage is a wonderful thing and a great opportunity to make our lives better, so it’s best to keep everything in the right place and carry on loving.