Also known as Day Night Blinds, double roller blinds have many benefits if you’re thinking of installing them in your home.

But what are double roller blinds? These elegant blinds are exceptionally functional and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting them installed in your house. Read on to find out more about these blinds for indoor use and discover 8 benefits of using them in your home. 


What Are Double Roller Blinds?

Double roller blinds afford you extra privacy and protection from outside light. They’re constructed with two separate roller blinds built into one compact system. The one roller blind is made with transparent fabric and is designed to allow you to look out but protect you against harmful UV rays

The second roller blind is made with blockout fabric which keeps all light out. This is ideal for nighttime use and when you want to keep your room dark during the day. 

These twin blinds can sometimes be known as dual roller blinds and come with a range of features that add to the advantage of installing them in your home. Let’s talk about these benefits. 


Works for All Home Styles

Double roller blinds are designed to fit in with most home styles and they provide a look like zebra blinds of elegance and comfort. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and mix and match the textures creating your own personal creative look. You can also choose fabrics with patterns or different colours, so they match your existing room décor. These indoor blinds will suit traditional home architecture as well as modern and contemporary styles.


Customisable to Fit Most Windows

Whether you’re looking to install double roller blinds for your large living room or the thin hallway windows, you can custom order these blinds to fit any space. What’s more, these Day Night blinds are designed to fit the width of any window precisely, giving your room a feeling of spaciousness. 


Easy to Operate

Gone are the days of juggling with cords and ropes to line up the blinds whenever you open or close them. Good quality dual roller blinds are fitted with a heavy-duty chain system that’s easy to control, making opening and closing of your blinds simple. You can also opt for a motorised system, operating your blinds with a touch of a button.  


Helps Control Lighting 

Day Night blinds give you the flexibility of deciding just how much light you want in your room. You can use the blockout roller blind for nighttime when you want complete darkness and privacy. Or, use it to darken a room when taking an afternoon nap. The transparent blind protects your furniture against UV rays but allows you to keep the views while letting in daylight. 


Great Space Saving Option for Smaller Rooms

If you need to install curtains in a small room such as the baby’s nursery, double roller blinds are the perfect solution. They take up minimal space, being fitted directly to the window area. They also offer you the double protection you need without taking up extra space. Instead of installing heavy blackout drapes to give your baby a dark room for sleeping, you can take advantage of these Day Night blinds. 


Improved Sleep Cycles

Too much light can disrupt your sleeping patterns at night. If you’re living on a street with streetlights shining brightly into your bedroom, you’ll need to invest in good blockout curtains. Double roller blinds are the perfect solution because they offer complete protection at nighttime with the blockout roller blind. During the day, you can let in natural lighting while still having UV protection for your bedding and furniture. 


Saves on Costly Energy Bills

Are you living in a temperate climate? Finding ways to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter can be costly if you end up using the air conditioner all the time. Dual roller blinds can offer both heating and cooling features when you select the right fabrics. By using these blinds to insulate your home, you’re saving on costly energy bills. Plus, you’ll also rely less on artificial lighting when selecting the transparent roller blind for daylight use. 


Enhances the Ambience of Your Home

Natural lighting is known to enhance the colours of your home décor. It also creates a softer lighting compared to the harsher lighting of artificial lights. With the transparent roller blind, you’ll be able to filter the daylight entering your home and enhance the ambience of every room. What’s more, the sleek, well-fitting design of these blinds will give any indoor room an elegant look and feel.


Final Thoughts

Installing double roller blinds in your home has many benefits and with today’s technology, they’re simple to operate. These blinds will fit into any home style and décor, and instantly transform the ambience of your rooms. Customisable features also mean you can pick the right ones for your personal needs at home. They make for the perfect home investment this year!