If you’re thinking of booking a family holiday this year and you’re not sure where to go, then a hot tub break in the UK is definitely worth considering! The UK is chock full of gorgeous destinations which are great fun to explore, and the less time you spend travelling, the more time you can spend having fun. The addition of a hot tub to your break makes it feel that extra bit special and gives you the opportunity for pampering that you deserve.


You can drive there

This is one of the main draws of a UK-based holiday, particularly if you have children in tow. Navigating airports is never fun at the best of times, and it’s made even worse if you have bored, tired and hungry kids along for the ride. If you choose a holiday destination that you can drive to, then you have a little more control over how long you travel for and where you stop along the way, which makes it much easier to have a child-friendly and (hopefully) peaceful journey.

Keeping kids entertained while you’re driving is made so much easier if you are well prepared, so check out these hacks for road trips with kids if you’re in need of a little inspiration.


They’re pet friendly

Dogs are members of the family, so it always feels like a shame to put them in kennels while the rest of you go off and have fun! There are plenty of options for hot tub breaks featuring pet-friendly accommodation out there, which means that you can not only enjoy having your pooch with you on holiday, but you can also avoid the extra expense and worry of having to book kennels. 


Hot tubs are good for your health

As well as feeling wonderfully decadent, hot tubs also come with a number of health benefits. Just some of the ways that hot tubs are good for your health are:

  • Stress relief. Hot tubs are a great way to shed some of the tensions of the day, both mental and physical. If you want even greater stress-relieving effects, then you could try combining your time in the tub with candles or aromatherapy.
  • Improved sleep. Studies suggest that time in a hot tub can help you sleep more peacefully, promoting a deeper and more restful slumber. This means you can truly use your holiday as a restful and rejuvenating experience.
  • Heart health. A study in 2016 showed that hot tubs could benefit cardiovascular health by raising the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. This is of particular benefit to people with limited mobility who don’t find it easy to exercise.


Fall in love with your home country

Sometimes a beautiful holiday in another country can leave you feeling a little sad when you come home. The beauty of going on holiday in the country that you call home is that it helps you to develop a whole new appreciation for it, which you can hold onto long after the holiday is over.