Being disabled is  an unfortunate circumstantial situation but given that it may be a natural or accidental incident that can happen to anyone, everyone should have proper know-how about disability and its related matters. Since disability is not intentional or purposeful, there are some benefits or say leniencies, or exceptions that are set by the government authorities. These disability benefits can be requested by applying to the respective authorities.

A majority of applications submitted for receiving disability benefits get rejected or denied at their very initial stages. This is mainly because either these applications are not properly filled or missing one or two important documents. To get your application for disability benefits approved, it needs to be fully completed and better attached with a referral or some authentic reference that confirms that every bit of information written inside is true. This confirms that the applicant who’s claiming the disability benefits rightfully deserves them.

If you know someone who is applying for Disability benefits, you can help them by telling them about some useful tips that will save you precious time and from many hectic troubles. Here are some useful tips that can also increase the chances of your application getting approved by the authorities easily without a hitch.


Get an Official Representative

First of all, you need to understand that the application for receiving disability benefits is not approved easily because it involves so many typical technicalities. It is a whole lot of complex processing that needs to be taken care of to register for receiving the disability benefits. These matters are mostly related to the government policies and laws regarding disability. 

That’s why hiring an official representative to handle your issues and look after the matters of the processing of your application is the best option in this situation. People at laportelawfirm.com/our-locations/san-jose/ are well-aware of the legal and non-legal circumstances that are related to applying for disability benefits. Representatives can also help you figure out ways in which you can prove that your appeal is not a false accusation. The proof can speed up the approval process and make you a valid applicant for receiving disability benefits in the eyes of authorities. Hiring a representative also saves you time and prevents you from getting stuck into the troubles.


Right Time to Appeal

The appeal or application for receiving the disability benefits cannot be submitted whenever you please. There are only specific unlimited durations when you are allowed to submit your appeal such as after every decision, you only have a total of 60 days in which you can submit your appeal in the form of a proper written application. If you let these 60 days pass by without submitting your appeal, your appeal will not be considered and the authorities will probably dismiss it due to late submission. 

At the initial three levels of submitting the appeal for disability benefits, there are some specific rules and forms regarding the appeal that must be followed. A representative usually knows these rules and works according to them.


Write an Appeal Letter 

As discussed above, the appeal or application for receiving fixed disability benefits must be written in only the pattern or form specified in the rule regulations. This makes writing the appeal letters a job meant for only the official representatives who are well-aware of the process. There is only a limited number of lines that are given to write your appeal and explain the reasons why you needed and why you are suitable for receiving the disability Benefits given your circumstantial situations. 

Since the given space to write an appeal is only limited, there are not many chances of making mistakes or writing long pointless explanations. Whatever you are writing should be very precise, meaningful, and exactly to-the-point. There’s no need to repeat any information that you are providing in the form of attached papers just mention that the respective papers are attached.


Always Attach a Reference Confirmation from Your Doctor

To make your appeal worth considering, you should always attach your doctor’s confirmation with it. This doesn’t include your medical reports but it is a must-to-attach document that gives your doctor’s opinion. A reference from your doctor is a confirmatory document in which he describes why you are a good fit for receiving the disability benefits. The letter contains the reasons related to the disability problems of the applicant mentioned as a reference along with your doctor’s opinion on the fact that the applicant is in dire need of the disability benefits.

You can simply ask your regular doctor to write you a reference confirmatory letter giving his supportive statement about your condition or you can find an official government doctor who handles such matters, get yourself examined by him, request him to write you a letter detailing your condition and his opinion on why you should be receiving the disability benefits. Why your condition critically bounds you from working, and how you are out of ways to earn your livelihood.

The doctor’s statement has a great impact on pushing your appeal in the right direction towards getting approval. If your doctor is not supportive or refuses to write you a reference letter, you can file for receiving the Disability benefits without having a Doctor’s Support or Approval.


Be True, Be Honest

While applying to receiving the disability benefits, you should only say what’s true and not any kind of made-up assumptions or exaggerations because everything other than the truth is considered as a lie which is punishable in the eyes of authorities. Therefore you should only give information that is 100% true. This includes details about your disability, the reasons that caused your disability, and the limitations caused by your disability. 

Being honest and true while writing your application can increase your chances of receiving disability benefits. The information or the causes of disability and the effect that it has on your lifestyle must all be described in the application clearly.