Are you planning a family vacation near the water soon but are a little short on ideas when it comes to fun activities? Worry no more. We have gathered a list of six creative ideas that are guaranteed to bring you some cherished memories and long-lasting family traditions. Enjoy!


1. Banana Boat Rides

If you don’t know what a banana boat ride is, picture a large inflatable banana-shaped boat with several seats. Once you and your family are sitting comfortably, the jet ski or a small boat will start pulling you. The ride will start slow, giving a scenic tour of the area, but that won’t last. Once the vessel pulling you gains a little speed, the professional crew members will pull a few tricky maneuvers on the water, sending all of you passengers splashing into the water. It’s the perfect wild adventure to kickstart your summer trip. For safety reasons, people with certain medical conditions, like heart problems shouldn’t go on such rides. Make sure you talk to the crew as they might be able to tailor a slow, smooth, maneuver-free ride for you. 

2. Slip ‘n Slide

Who doesn’t like slipping and sliding? On a hot summer’s day, just spread that slide, turn on the garden hose, add the baby soap, and let the fun begin. Not only is it an activity for the whole family, adults, and kids alike, but it’s also a good way to keep yourself and your loved ones physically active. Don’t forget to anchor the slip ‘n slide to the ground, though, because you don’t want grass burns. To make the game extra fun, elect three of you to act as judges and rate each run out of ten or take it even further and develop your score calculation process based on certain criteria. If you’ve always believed it should be an Olympic sport, this is your chance to fulfill your dream.

3. Standup Paddle Boarding

If you’ve been trying to get your family interested in water sports, standup paddleboarding just might be the way to go. It’s a great water sport that combines the challenge that comes with surfing and the ease that comes with having a paddle to guide your movement. Whether you’re interested in engaging in friendly competition by racing on your boards, taking your family dog out for a ride, or simply sitting in the middle of the water, the sport will give you what you need. You don’t have to worry about the gear; picking a board is easy because, according to the folks at, there are many options out there designed to fit anyone’s experience level and preferences. That means you can include your youngest and oldest, the mid-lake yoga enthusiasts, and those who love to race. It’s a single activity that can take up your whole day!

4. Snorkeling


Who doesn’t like looking at pretty fish and fascinating corals? The answer is no one. If there is one activity that can bring the whole family together, it’s snorkeling. For one, it’s an opportunity for your clan to experience the wonders of the sea. Even better, for your young ones, it’s an exercise in independence, and an opportunity to discover a hidden passion. By letting them explore their world while providing supervision from a distance, you’d be allowing them to depend on themselves and manage on their own.

5. Kayaking

Kayaks offer a chance to be alone with nature. On a family camping trip, a couple of kayaks will come in handy. Picture charting a course earlier for the whole family to follow, and working together, paddling your kayak(s) through the waters, then watching your children guide the way with a compass back to camp. It’s a guaranteed adventure that promotes physical and mental activity and strengthens familial connections. Like snorkeling, it’s also a great way to teach your kids to depend on themselves.

6. Water Relay

While not everyone’s cup of tea, those who enjoy racing will absolutely love the idea of a little healthy competition. Divide your family members into two teams and pick a starting point and a finish line. From here you can either divide each team into two groups, placing each group on one end of the pool, or have everyone on the same side of the pool. It depends on whether you want each racer to do one lap or two laps (back and forth) before tagging in their teammate. Needless to say, along with the excitement, such a legendary race comes with benefits like bragging rights, a grand prize, and a family record.


As you can see, combining family fun with water activities is not a difficult task. All it takes is some creativity and the willingness to try new experiences or learn new skills. For everyone to have a good time, make sure you listen to your kids and take their interests and preferences into consideration. We were taught to push our kids to do certain things or join in on certain activities. While this can be good for them sometimes, other times, it can make them feel unheard and unseen. Make sure you hear them out before including them in an activity. It’s a family trip, after all.