The most valuable treasures are hidden in plain sight. And our fault is that we do not see them.

Or rather, we don’t want to see it. We’re too caught up in the pursuit of success and trying to find our place in today’s ruthless world. But, have you thought about what you will remember in old age? You will hardly remember all the hours you spent in traffic jams on the way to work. And the pleasure of working and making money will also not bring you joy in the twilight of youth. And millions of small everyday problems trying to drag us to the bottom every day will not warm your soul either.

After all, the most valuable and expensive little pretty things you cannot buy for the money and those you need to give yourself. No matter how trite it may sound, but the first rays of the morning sun, dew on the grass on a summer morning, the hugs of loved ones, a kiss to your daughter, a walk through the spring forest, smelling of freshness and renewal – these are the things, those treasures that bring true happiness and pleasure … And a great talent that needs to be learned and to which you need to strive is to enjoy these sensations and not forget to give yourself such moments.

Wildlife is a whole world that surrounds us and lives by its own rules and in its own rhythm. Next to us every day and especially. Every night, amazing events, incredible dramas, and touching stories unfold. We do not notice all this, averting our eyes and directing our gaze to boring things related to work, money, politics. Yes, with anything! And you have to look behind this screen, and new impressions will overwhelm you. Try to go out to the backyard and watch what is happening for birds, ants, insects, and plants. Believe me, this process will tighten you, and your soul will become calm and easy.

If you find the time and desire and dare to enjoy nature in the night forest, then, we are sure, it will be one of the most powerful and vivid impressions in your entire life! In turn, we will give you some tips to make this trip bring you maximum pleasure.


Top tips for watching wildlife at night

As you enter the night forest, remember that you are just a guest in this world. He lives by his own rules, and you need to follow them so that nature will allow you to see the other side of his life.

The first thing to do is to be quiet and listen. In the night forest or even hectare in the backyard of your house, right at this moment, a real concert of enchanting sounds unfolds what cannot compare that with anything else. At first, you will be overwhelmed by a wave of surprise, but very soon, you will begin to navigate in this noise and determine from whom these sounds come.

Besides, you can attract the forest inhabitants by setting up an impromptu fountain or organizing a food point for birds and animals. Treats and bubbling water will attract the inhabitants of the animal world and, if you lie low, you will see amazing things that can only be seen in documentaries.

But, there is one problem that will not allow you to enjoy your new hobby fully. The thing is that man is a very peculiar animal. Nature has endowed us with an amazing brain, which ensured the prosperity and development of humankind. But, we have weak hearing, which cannot be compared with most animals. And we absolutely cannot see anything in the dark or at dusk. That is, exactly when the most interesting events unfold around us.

But, this is not a reason to deprive yourself of pleasure. You need to equip correctly. Modern technologies offer night vision and thermal vision technologies that will leave no secret in the night forest. But, they are quite expensive, so it is important to choose wisely.

Night vision monoculars are likely to be your choice. This is a line of incredible devices that amplify even the faintest light and transform it into an image that allows the operator to see the location in every detail. Night vision monocular differs from binoculars and goggles in that it costs much less, it is compact and fits in a pocket, but at the same time, it has all the functions of large and expensive devices.

It is an indispensable tool for watching birds and animals in the night forest. This is literally your pass to the wonderful world of new experiences and peace of mind. After all, the music of nature is the best cure for today’s busy world’s daily stress.