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If you are venturing into the world of fish keeping, you need to ensure that you are setting up your aquarium appropriately for the size and type of fish you want to keep. With so many aquarium options, sizes, shapes, and accessories available, it can be easy to get lost.

When setting up your first aquarium there are some important steps you need to take in ensuring you will be setting yourself up for success and not a failure. Nothing is worse than having your dream aquarium but seeing fish dye off to improper setup and maintenance.

If you are looking to set up your aquarium, here are some important things to keep in mind.


Ensuring Proper Aquarium Size and Equipment

The first step to ensuring your aquarium will be successful is to make sure you have chosen the correct one. Aquarium purchases can be expensive, and it is important to make sure you are investing in the right size and type of aquarium for the fish you want to keep.

A functioning aquarium is more than just a tank and water, it is a complex ecosystem that needs to be equipped for success. 


Aquarium Size

The size of your aquarium will dictate how many fish you can keep, and also what species of fish will flourish. Aquarium size is incredibly important, and you want to ensure you have a solid plan for your aquarium. 

You cannot purchase a small 20-gallon tank and consider keeping something as dramatic as sharks within it. So if you want to have your tank benefit you and your fish, make sure you plan out the species you want to keep and purchase an appropriate size aquarium for them.

Spending some time to initially research the species you want to keep can make all the difference when it comes to introducing new life to your aquarium. Make sure that you have a large enough aquarium to sustain the species and quantity of fish you wish to keep. With so many options available from reliable sources, visiting a site such as to consider all your options is a great place to start. With expert advice, you will be on the right track to planning your aquarium.


Aquarium Heaters

If you are looking to keep tropical fish, then an aquarium heater is a must. Fish are unable to regulate their body temperatures, and if the water you supply is not appropriately heated or cooled, you may encounter health concerns with your fish. As some fish species come with hefty price tags, your main concern will be ensuring their environment is conducive to a full and healthy life. 

Aquarium heaters are one accessory you don’t want to skimp on, make sure the water is the appropriate temperature for your fish to thrive.

Aquarium Feeders

Having a feeding system in place can make life much easier when it comes to setting up your aquarium, especially for first-time fish keepers. You don’t want to underfeed your fish, but overfeeding can lead to many problems you may not be aware of. 

If you are overfeeding your fish, your tank will become dirty a lot faster, as the uneaten food will deposit in the tank and can cause algae growth and murky water. If you want to keep your fish and aquarium in tip-top shape, ensuring your feeding regimen is appropriate can alleviate a lot of strain. Decomposing food can lead to a dirty aquarium, and you will find yourself cleaning the tank more often than necessary.

Automatic feeding systems ensure the appropriate amount of food is released at the correct times of the day, and this will keep your fish well-fed and happy. If your feeding is inconsistent, and your fish are hungry, there is a chance this could lead to cannibalistic behavior and fighting over food.

This is a common issue many first-time aquarium owners encounter, as they get used to the appropriate amount of food to feed their collection.

One of the best ways to keep your fish happy and healthy, and ensure your water stays sparkling and clean is to purchase an automated feeding system, to take the guesswork out of feeding time.


Water Cleaning and Aquarium Maintenance

Your aquarium will consist of living beings, and as with all things, a large amount of waste will be produced by your fish collection. If you don’t follow appropriate cleaning guidelines, you will find your tank covered in algae, or worse find your fish are suffering from illnesses caused by an unclean environment.

Maintaining your tank is one of the keys to ensuring your fish collection is healthy and thriving. You will want to be checking the PH levels in your tank and ensuring the water quality is adequate for your fish collection. 

Routine vacuuming of the gravel, cleaning the aquarium glass, and having an effective filtration system are all ways to ensure your aquarium remains in peak condition. Purchasing an aquarium is a large investment of money, but also time. When you purchase your first fish tank you need to understand that maintenance is important; you cannot just fill the tank and let the fish go.

 Many factors of fish health are affected by the water cleanliness and quality you maintain in your tank, so ensuring your tank is well cleaned and the water is conducive to sustaining your fish is paramount to the health and life of your fish.

Purchasing an aquarium is a big responsibility, and the decision should not be made lightly. Ensuring that you have the time and energy to put into maintaining your tank is of the utmost importance. If you have been considering purchasing your first aquarium, it is important to keep this advice in mind, and research and educate yourself regarding all aspects of fish keeping. 

Starting small, with hearty breeds, is a great way to build your experience. Don’t purchase a 500-gallon showcase piece with thousand dollar fish until you have the knowledge and experience to keep it appropriately. As with any other pets, fish will look to you for their health and happiness, and you must be prepared to give them the best life possible.

Following these simple tips will reduce your frustration and leave you time to enjoy your new tank and companions without making dramatic mistakes.