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Green is one of the colors synonymous with healthy living. It also reminds us to consider environmental factors when taking certain decisions. The truth is the world would be in a better place and state if we all decide to go green. Issues such as global warming and the depletion of some of our natural resources would not be causing us the problems we are now saddled with.

Besides, preserving our biodiversity would not be such an onerous task. As it’ll be the collective efforts of every human being. It’s quite alarming that despite the media publicity on the importance of green living. Only a few individuals are faithful in this regard. It’s almost like we have all thrown caution to the wind and living healthy is no longer a top priority.

A Simple Illustration

There’s a very simple way of explaining how every individual can make an impact and reap the merits of green living. When brushing your teeth in the morning, all that water you waste, by turning the tap on and going on a brushing spree can be conserved if you decide to be more environmentally conscious.

Now think of the number of people on planet earth, who waste water the same way and figure out why some parts of the world are already experiencing a short supply of water. Research has stated that by the year 2030, water might just become a scarce commodity. These factors are the reason why understanding the benefits of green living is an integral part of human life.

Felling of Trees

This has become the order of the day in some climes. Globally, the number of trees has drastically plummeted. This is because of the other benefits a tree provides as furniture is made from wood. A lot of people are not aware that trees purify the air, we breathe. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the globe have tried to bring back the culture of planting trees. This initiative has not been well received as a lot of trees are still being cut down. Sadly, this is one of the demerits of civilization.

Eating Right

The popular saying ‘you’re what you eat’ is a good place to start when discussing the merits of a green lifestyle. Also, consuming processed food is not good for anybody’s health as they pose certain health dangers. Moreover, ingesting chemically produced substances are also hazardous, green nutritionists at have more details on the merits of eating and living right. It’s vital to purge our systems from the unhealthy way of living. This is because there’s a downside to all unhealthy food consumed and the body bears the consequence.

Fun Fact

Going green would save you a whole lot of dollars that can be invested in other aspects of human endeavors. This is because most of the green products are cheaper and very affordable. The reason for this is because most of the ingredients are natural. Organic items are relatively easier and cheaper than processed items. Isn’t it more fun to be on the green team?

Fruits and Vegetables

Gone are the days where these items were grown organically. In recent times, one cannot be sure if fruits and vegetables are still as beneficial as they should. This is because chemicals have been added to speed up the harvest date. This is why people are advised to own a garden and grow what they eat. That way, they are sure that no one is toying with their health.

Illegal Burning

Research has reported that in some rural parts of some countries. People just set bushes on fire or burn their waste. This has contributed to the wearing off of the ozone layer and this has made certain temperatures hotter than normal. Apart from that, individuals who live in such provinces are saddled with the burden of breathing tainted air. Furthermore, those with a health condition such as asthma are at further risk of getting an attack or even losing their life.

Solar Power

Relying on fossil fuels alone is costly and destructive to the environment. Climates that have a regular supply of sunlight should explore the power of solar energy. It’s safer and more affordable. Additionally, it helps save a lot of money that would have been spent on power. Sadly, countries that have regular sunlight have decided to waste this natural resource. Interestingly, countries that have little sunlight can wait till winter to utilize this resource.

If you want to harness this sustainable resource but don’t have the funds for a complete setup, start small by using solar-powered outdoor lights. There are countless affordable solar lights that you can easily purchase online or in-store. There are also small appliances or electronics that work using solar power. Once you’ve saved enough, then you can consider setting up solar panels for your entire home. Alternatively, you can look for a sustainable energy provider in your area.

Educating People

The assumption that everyone is fully aware of the dangers the world is currently facing, should be jettisoned. Individuals and corporate bodies should take it upon themselves to educate people around them. Show them the statistics, let them know that the depleted natural resources are going to come back to haunt the world. Let them understand the dangers of killing animals as it has led to the extinction of most of them.

Impose fines and sanctions if necessary, that’s the way some international organizations had to be forced before some of them became compliant. Equally important is telling our children the importance of sticking to the green life. 

Introduce them to it, teach and lead them aright by example. Recycle your items, reduce the number of plastics your home makes use of. Get a shopping bag, instead of taking a new plastic bag at every shopping. It’s that time of our lives, where we all need to apply the conservatism principle. It’s never too late to get it right.


There are diverse ways to recycle waste products but yet most governments are not paying attention to these methods. Waste products consume a lot of land and items that can be put into good use. Surveys and research have proven that waste products can be used to generate electricity but only a handful of people have explored that option.

Used electronics lying around at home can also be recycled, so don’t simply throw them out when they are no longer in use. You can earn extra cash by selling old IT equipment, like computers, printers, and laptops. If your items are still working fine but are old or unused, businesses specializing in refurbished electronics may be willing to buy them. Look for a trusted US-based company that can provide you with competitive, reasonable buying rates. And make sure that they have industry-approved data destruction methods for hard drives so that you can protect your privacy. By selling and refurbishing your old electronics, they can continue to be useful instead of simply becoming garbage.

According to a report from World Health Organization (WHO), about two million deaths annually can be traced to air pollution. Also, buying items that are not eco-friendly is setting us one step back on the green journey. All hands need to be on deck as it is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable and healthy future.