Have you started a new business in Auckland, or just made a website to boost your sales? You may be the owner of an online business, for example, an online food delivery service. You may own a brick and mortar business for which you need to increase the number of walk-in customers such as a restaurant, a daycare facility, a wedding planning business, or a family law office situated in Auckland, NZ. 

Whatever your business may be, you will require a very reliable SEO agency in Auckland. It will help you rank better than your competitors on search engines like Google and Bing. For example, when searching for the best wedding planner in Auckland or the best family law website in NZ, your website must be visible to them on the first page.

Here is all you should know before you trust someone for SEO Auckland.

Should I invest my time and money in the SEO of my website?

The right answer for this question depends on two main factors;

  • The type of business you have.
  • Your marketing strategy.

An effective search engine optimization plays a significant role in driving leads for sales. It also increases awareness about your brand among customers. But before you can attract some customers via your website, you need to invest in SEO.

How to find the best SEO Provider in Auckland, NZ?

Hiring someone for SEO of your website is a crucial decision that can shape your business in the next few months. Therefore this decision will require a lot of research work before you appoint an SEO agency. 

  • The first thing is their website that you have to analyze – does it look professional? 
  • Do they share their SEO strategy like Just SEO
  • Are any reviews or past results available on the website?
  • Is their website ranking organically on the search engine’s first page for ‘SEO Auckland’ or ‘SEO services NZ’ and related keywords. Go and check; you will find the Just SEO website ranking organically.
  • Is their office based in New Zealand, and do they have professional SEO experts in their company  (Or they just made a website and do SEO outsourcing at low prices).
  • Do they have an active blog like Just SEO?
  • Check the reviews critically. Some websites purchase reviews; therefore, you should consciously verify the authenticity of these reviews.

What to ask an SEO company?

Once you finalize your desired SEO service, NZ, it is essential to coordinate with them via Skype or through a personal meeting. You can ask a few questions to ensure they are reliable and their SEO strategy work. Here is a list of questions, and you can add even more.

  • How much time in the industry?
  • Names of some past and present clients?
  • What’s the difference between Panda and Penguin?
  • Can you brief me about the optimization process?
  • In how much time can I expect results?
  • What is your backlinks building strategy?
  • The three things that you consider before optimizing a website?

Final Verdict:

Choosing the best SEO Auckland agency such as Just SEO will ensure ranking them on the first page of Google. It will save you time and money. Remember, a mishandled SEO can get your website dumped by Google.