If you’ve ever gone on a camping trip where at one moment you huffed in frustration and thought to yourself, “There’s got to be an easier way,” you’re not alone. In fact, you’re not wrong, either. In the past, camping was a little hard, but nowadays, there is an insane number of gadgets on the market, all designed to give you the best camping experience. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about glamping or anything else that will rob you of your quality time with nature. These seven gadgets are guaranteed to improve your camping experience and help you make the most of your surroundings

1.      Instant Tent

While the standard manual tent has its aesthetic appeal, when it comes to efficiency, instant tents have an indisputable edge. They’re extremely easy to set up because all the supports are pre-assembled. It only takes a few twists and pops to get your temporary home up and running. It all takes a few seconds. Such easy use can come in handy if you’re too tired, or if you simply don’t want to learn how to set up a regular tent. Not to mention, if you’re trying to set up your tent in strong wind or if it’s too dark to see, a pop-up tent will save you the struggle.

2.      Water Purifier

Buying a water filter might keep you safe against bacteria, but a purifier will guarantee your safety against viruses, too. Purifiers come in many forms. Bottles, sacs with attached hoses, and even pocket-sized filters that let you drink straight from whatever lake or river you’re standing next to. Amateur campers might bring along water containers, but if you want to be fully self-sufficient, or if you simply don’t feel like carrying the extra load, a portable water purifier is essential to fulfilling all your clean water needs. Regardless of the filter you’re buying, it’s important to make sure that you clean it regularly to avoid getting filter pores clogged up.

3.      All-Seasons Sleeping Bag

Taking a sleeping bag to a camping trip is a no-brainer, but have you heard of the all-seasons sleeping bag? If the most you know about sleeping bags is that they’re used for sleeping, then you’ve got a little more to learn. The different bags are classified according to the temperatures they can protect against, in other words, seasons. A one-season bag is designed to keep you warm during summer nights. Two season bags can withstand springs and early autumn. As for all-season bags, they can keep you warm even when the temperature drops below zero. If you’re camping in a new region, or if you’re one for insane adventures, this sleeping buddy will be the companion you’ve always wanted.

4.      Backpacking Stove

If you’re planning on spending a couple of days in the great outdoors, you must be thinking about how you’re going to cook your own food. A reliable solution is the portable or the backpacking stove. It’s a small stove that can fit in your backpack, and according to the guide at MyOpenCountry.com, it can function with a wide array of fuels. When you’re picking out a stove, you’ve got to consider the weather you’ll be camping in, the weight you’re willing to carry, and the time you’re willing to spend cooking. Needless to say, each option is quite different, and so, proper research is essential when making a decision.

5.      Portable Shower

Camping doesn’t always have to be associated with the words grimy, dusty, and dirt-caked. As long as you have the proper equipment, that is. From a range of products, you can self-suffice with a simple water sac and showerhead which can be hung from a tree branch. You could also invest in a propane-heated water tank or a solar-heated one. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, and you happen to be camping with your car nearby, a car-powered shower would be perfect for you. Using your car’s engine, you can warm up water from any source and shower for as long as your car can help it. When purchasing a shower, take a minute to picture yourself carrying the shower tank/gear with you on the trip. While the idea of a shower can be nice, some prefer traveling light and some portable showers can be quite the load.

6.      Solar Charger

Having a fully-charged, fully-functioning set of electronics with you on a camping trip is not only preferred, but it can sometimes be the difference between life and death. What happens when you run out of juice, though? Power banks are always an option, but those aren’t infinite either. A solar charger simply is a portable flexible solar panel that you can connect your devices to and get them charged up. When it comes to solar chargers, efficiency, durability, and charging speed are the three main criteria you need to buy the best product, but this doesn’t mean you should write off weight and portability.

7.      Portable Mosquito Repellent

Most people are afraid of running into a bear, but that’s only because they don’t know humanity’s real enemy. A seasoned camper knows that a mosquito repellent is indispensable. You can get a repellent in the form of a coloured wristband that prevents insects from detecting your presence. Another form of repellent is a portable electronic device that works to keep the area around it mosquito-free. A third alternative is a spray that creates a shield around you. While highly effective, they lose their power in strong wind.


Now that you’ve seen what’s out there, you should realize that there’s no reason why you can’t have the ultimate camping trip. If camping has a big place in your heart, you would be glad to know that you can make the experience even more enjoyable. All it takes are a few moments of reflection on your most recent camping trip. What was it that you wished you’d had with you? Chances are, that’s the thing you need to start with. If, however, you don’t feel a particular way about any of the gadgets, but you still feel like they would help, why not start with the things most vital to your survival in the great outdoors?