Whether you’re a seasoned world traveller or you want to use some newfound vacation days to check a few more countries off of your bucket list, getting a great deal on your flight is an inspiring way to start planning your next trip. Unfortunately, finding super cheap flights can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience if you don’t know where to look.

Enter Next Vacay, a membership service that’s revolutionizing the way people travel the globe. Next Vacay does the hard work of finding flight deals for you so that you can focus on the fun parts of travel. Use this guide to help you get started with a Next Vacay subscription.

What Does Next Vacay’s Flight Subscription Service Offer?

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You’ve worked hard to earn some disposable income, and now you’re ready to see the world. Or maybe you’re inspired by travel, but you’re restricted by a budget. No matter your means for travel, Next Vacay aims to make it easy and affordable to immerse yourself in destinations worldwide, all without investing too much of your own time and energy into finding great flights.

Creating a membership with Next Vacay opens up a world of cheap flights for you. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet for inexpensive travel options only to see the flights disappear before you have a chance to book, this subscription service does the legwork for you. Next Vacay doesn’t earn a commission when you book, so you can count on the service to truly find you the best travel possibilities. Instead of relying on commissions, the member-supported subscription charges a very transparent annual fee. At only $25 per year, that fee is a steal, too!

When you sign up for a membership, you’ll start getting emails with a few deals every week. Most deal alerts are for trips about one to 10 months in advance, so you’ll have enough time to plan for your trip instead of feeling rushed into booking a last-minute vacation that doesn’t fit into your schedule.

Members enter their home location when they sign up. Next Vacay assumes you’ll be willing to drive up to three or four hours for a flight, so they’ll send you deals from surrounding airports as well as your home airport. If you don’t mind departing from an airport that’s farther away, you can widen your search terms to reflect that.

That’s all the work you have to do! The emails you get direct you to book from the airline’s page, and there’s no limit to the number of tickets you can book. If there are tickets available on your chosen flight, you can book as many seats as you want at the low rate Next Vacay finds for you. Also, if you have free points or miles from an airline, you get to use and earn those miles as you would if you found the flight on your own.

How Next Vacay Finds You the Best Deals on Flights

If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest flights out there, Next Vacay will do the work for you. The husband and wife team behind the service developed software that scans for great deals on flights. The database scan works based on the name of the closest airport that you put in during registration. Next Vacay then starts sending you emails for flights from that nearby airport as well as other airports within a three- to four-hour range, so you can start checking out exciting deals in your area right away.

Next Vacay’s system scans thousands of databases so that you don’t have to. You just have to check your inbox to see the cheapest flights they find through their search. Your email alert will let you know the destination, the low price available, and the range of dates that you can get that price.

Booking Flights Using Next Vacay

Unlike some flight services that make you jump through hoops to book a flight once you get a deal notification, the process with Next Vacay is incredibly easy. The email you get from Next Vacay alerting you to the deal shows you exactly what you need to do. You’ll book your flight directly through the airline, so you won’t waste time dealing with a separate agent.

They recommend that you book within 24-72 hours once you get the deal alert from Next Vacay. As the service doesn’t control the prices (they just find deals for you), they can’t predict when the price might change, and they recommend that you buy your flight as soon as you can after getting the email if you want to go on that particular trip.

Once you see a deal you like in an email, you’ll click the link that takes you to the deal information. The dates selected are automatically chosen by Next Vacay to fall within the deal availability window, but you can edit them to try and find your ideal time period. The more flexible you are on your travel dates, the more likely you’ll find an amazing price on a flight.

Who Should Use Next Vacay?

Next Vacay is a great flight service for people who travel frequently and want to explore new places or for people who want to travel more.

If you already travel frequently, Next Vacay can help you find ways to explore new places. Flexibility and the ability to take time off from work or other responsibilities are key. You’ll make the most of your membership if you have flexible travel dates and you’re open to all sorts of destinations.

On the other hand, if you want to up your travel game, Next Vacay is also a great way to get started. Flight alert emails will remind you to treat yourself to a vacation when you can. You’ll get travel ideas directly in your inbox thanks to Next Vacay, letting you easily make travel a more significant part of your life. If your goal is to boost the number of trips you take, Next Vacay will help you get there.

Next Vacay is also great if you like small companies that can provide a personal touch. The team behind the service gets hands-on with the deals you receive, customizing your alerts based on the feedback you give them.

However, Next Vacay isn’t the right membership for everyone. If you’re looking for last-minute deals, that’s not what Next Vacay provides. The team double-checks everything they send you, handpicking offers they’d want to use themselves. That strategy makes for a genuine, personal touch you can count on, but it’s not the way to go if you’re looking to jump on a plane tomorrow.

Not sure if Next Vacay is right for you? The low annual fee means there’s hardly any risk when it comes to trying out their membership services. You’ll likely make back that $25 in savings even if you only book one flight this year. You also get a free month trial to start, and you can even get your money back if you don’t get any deals that you can use in the first six months of your membership.

Maximize Your Savings When You Stay Flexible

If you stay flexible, you stand to reap the best rewards from using Next Vacay. Having flexible travel dates will allow you to jump on that jaw-dropping deal as soon as you get the email. You’ll get deals for a range of times, and they usually cover a few months. The deal isn’t typically available every day in a given time period, but you’ll often find that it is there for various sets of dates in the period.

With deals in the one-to ten-month range, you won’t need to squeeze a last-minute trip into your schedule. It does help if you have some flexibility with time off, but you’ll still have enough advance notice to plan ahead.

Staying flexible with your destination will also help you find the best deals. Next Vacay finds flights based on your departure airport, so you’ll get alerts for a range of destinations. The more open you are to choosing a city you might not have otherwise considered, the more choices you’ll have. Use Next Vacay for inspiration, and plan an awesome trip based on a deal instead of waiting for a specific location to come your way.

Travel should be fun, and Next Vacay takes the guesswork out of finding great flights so that you can get excited about travel without worrying about how you’re going to fund it. Let their flight alert emails inspire you to explore more places, taste new cuisines, and experience cultures around the globe.