Lisa is no longer afraid to pose for modelling shots with her right leg on full display, something she tried to hide before her amputation. MDWFeatures /

By Martin Ruffell


THIS WOMAN was so self-conscious about the way her leg looked after cancer that she opted to have it CUT OFF even though her friends and family BEGGED her not to.

Tattoo artist Lisa Scheer (29) from Duisburg, Germany, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right leg at the age of 12.

Doctors were fortunately able to remove the tumour and save her life, with over two years of chemotherapy giving her the all clear. However, Lisa’s bones in her right leg were left thin, weak and stiff due to the damage the cancer had caused and had to be rebuilt using titanium.

The remains of Lisa’s leg on show during her amputation surgery. MDWFeatures /

For 14 years, Lisa struggled to walk and even had to use a cane. She found it difficult to sit properly in chairs due to the rigidity caused by the titanium poles. Lisa developed severe depression because of the ongoing pain her legs were causing her and knew that drastic action had to be taken to change her life for the better.

After chatting with numerous amputees on social media, Lisa was convinced that having her leg cut off was the best option for her, despite the fact that it seemed like an incredibly drastic decision to her family and friends who tried to convince her not to.

She even lost a close friendship who couldn’t understand why she was choosing to have her leg removed.

Lisa in hospital following the reconstruction of her leg after she developed cancer at the age of 12. MDWFeatures /

In November 2016, Lisa underwent the three-hour surgery to have her right leg amputated above the knee.

Despite suffering initially from phantom leg pain, a condition where the brain convinces the body that pain exists in the amputated limb, Lisa is convinced that having her leg removed was the best decision of her life, as it has taken away the chronic pain and depression she previously suffered from.

Lisa was fitted with a new prosthetic leg and quickly had to learn how to walk again over the next 12 months. Whilst learning how to walk on a new leg was a challenge, Lisa was ecstatic to have her new limb and was more keen than ever to get back into the world of modelling.

Lisa poses with her new prosthetic in this sexy woodland photo. MDWFeatures /

First modelling in 2014, after being touted for her unique tattooed look, Lisa was always self-conscious about her damaged right leg and would do her best to hide it during shoots.

Her prosthesis has now given her a newfound confidence and she is keen to show it off in her sexy snaps.

Lisa gets lots of attention from admirers on her Instagram telling her how beautiful, inspiring and sexy she is.

Lisa looking robotic as she poses for this cyborg-style snap. MDWFeatures /

“The cancer came as a surprise and without warning,” Lisa said.

“It turned our lives upside down completely and was particularly difficult for my mum and dad.

“Doctors managed to remove the tumour and replace the damaged bone with titanium.

Covered in tattoos and posing her prosthetic, Lisa is keen to show the world that everyone can be beautiful regardless of their disabilities. MDWFeatures /

“But after fourteen years with a very thin, weak, and stiff leg, I didn’t want it anymore.

“I hated my leg and I had a lot of depression because of the way it looked and also the pain it caused.

“I wanted change but doctors told me again and again that there was nothing that could be done.

Lisa pictured before her amputation surgery in 2016. MDWFeatures /

“One day in 2017, I had the idea of amputation and when I told my doctor I was surprised when he agreed that it could be a viable option.

“I quickly made up my mind after talking to many amputees on the internet that it was the right thing for me to do.

“Unfortunately I had severe phantom pain after the operation.

X-rays show the titanium poles that were used to reconstruct her right leg after her battle with cancer. MDWFeatures /

“For two weeks it was hell on earth, but still I have no regrets about it being the right path for me.

“Having my leg amputated was like being born again.

“For so many years I wanted change and finally it was there.

The 29-year-old says that her amputation has given her a new shot at life after previously suffering from depression. MDWFeatures /

“I haven’t lost my leg, I’ve gained a new life.”

Lisa is now keen to share her new love for her body and hopes that her unique tattooed look will one day land her on the front cover of a magazine; something that has always been a dream of hers since she was a little girl.

“Modelling was a dream of mine from an early age,” Lisa said.

Although now only having one leg, Lisa is now happier than ever before. MDWFeatures /

“Before my amputation, I was very good at hiding my right leg away in photos.

“Since my surgery, I have gained a lot of self-confidence through modelling and really discovered passion in it.

“I want to show that everyone can be beautiful. Since my amputation, I have finally learned to love my own body.

“Hopefully I can convey that through my modelling, because there is nothing more important than self-love.”