Ciara (right) asked to join Hayley's relationship after admitting she still had feelings for her man. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

By Martin Ruffell


THIS WOMAN got pregnant by mistake in her POLYAMOUROUS THROUPLE relationship but now wants her boyfriend to get her girlfriend pregnant too.

Trainee public accountant, Hayley Hale (22) and psychology student Ciara DeJesus (20) from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, spent their high school years casually dating their receptionist boyfriend Devin Hale (24) on and off.

In 2015, Hayley and Devin decided to make their relationship official and have been together ever since. However, at the beginning of 2018, Ciara contacted Hayley, telling her she still had feelings for Devin and asked her if she would be interested in forming a triad relationship with her and her boyfriend.

Devin taking a quick selfie with his ladies. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

Whilst Devin was excited about this prospect, Hayley had some initial reservations. But the couple decided that they would give love a chance to blossom as a throuple. The first 12 months of their new unconventional relationship was difficult for the trio, with the two women’s previous relationships with Devin making connecting on the same level a challenge.

According to Hayley, jealousy can be a problem in polyamorous relationships and not properly communicating how they felt individually did cause even the smallest disagreements to flare up into full blown rows.

However by working on their individual relationships with each other, the threesome have overcome these challenges and in the new year of 2019, Ciara moved in with Hayley and Devin. The trio now share a bed and all their finances with each other.

Ciara holding Hayley’s pregnant bump. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

The revelation that the three were in such an unusual relationship was certainly a shock to the system for their families, with Devin’s mum finding it difficult to comprehend, whilst Ciara’s mum, grandma and sisters believe she would be better off in a more conventional relationship.

In October 2020 Hayley announced that she was seven months pregnant with Devin’s child and despite the baby being unplanned, now hopes that Devin can also get Ciara pregnant too in order for the throuple to have siblings who are close together in age.

“We all went to the same high school together and myself and Ciara were on and off with Devin at different times – the relationships were never extremely serious,” Hayley said.

Hayley had reservations about opening up her relationship with Devin to a third member. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

“In 2015 Devin and I got together and have been together ever since.

“In the beginning of 2018 Ciara ended up reaching out to me and from there we ended up all talking and hanging out.

“She told me that she still had feelings there for him, and she wanted to go about it the right way. We then invited her over for a conversation and it blossomed from there.

The throuple do almost everything together, including going on roadtrips which they document on their YouTube channel. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

“We were on and off with this as it was something different and new and we didn’t really know what we were doing.

“Come the beginning of 2019 is when Ciara officially moved in, and we’ve been together ever since.

“Polyamory to us is just like a regular relationship but more complex because it involves three people.

The throuple have known each other since high school and have dated each other on and off for years. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

“It’s more like having four relationships – we all have individual relationships with each other and then one as a whole.

“Being a triad means we get more out of life because we will be able to have an even bigger family with more love, support and financial freedom.

“The fact that we both previously had relationships with Devin and not each other made it hard because we were all on different levels.

Posing for a photo in front of a giant heart. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

“Jealousy comes naturally in any relationship, maybe more so in ours since more people are involved but we’ve got much better dealing with it over time.

“We originally treated the relationship as all three of us not realising we had different individual needs.

“We finally broke it down and worked on each individual relationship so that as a three we could flourish.

The threesome have lived together happily since the start of 2019. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

“I’m currently pregnant, unplanned but we’re all happy.

“We don’t want our kids to be too far apart so here soon Ciara will try to get pregnant.

“After these first two we plan to wait two to three years and then each have another, hopefully at about the same time.”

Hayley showing off her bump. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

As well as having multiple children, the throuple plan to achieve financial freedom, something they believe is much more achievable with an extra working adult contributing. They are also planning on having a wedding ceremony which although will not be legally binding, will show their families just how serious they are about their relationship.

“We plan to be working in our career fields with a nice big house,” Hayley said.

“We will all be the parents to all the kids, Ciara and I will both be mummy and Devin will be the dad of course.

The trio snuggling together in their hometown. MDWFeatures / @thepolypov

“We plan to have a wedding ceremony even though it won’t be legally documented but will hopefully help the rest of our family members understand just how serious we are.

“Everyone is so different and so is everyone’s version of love.

“Live the life you want, be happy, love is love”.