A truly unique stay. Mediadrumimages/HostUnusual

By Courtney McHugh


YOU COULD sleep next to a horse in this unique accommodation that only costs £83 a night.

Stable Stays, in Cartmel, Cumbria, UK, is a one-of-a-kind lodging where guests can sleep with a horse by their side.

In the unique accommodation, there is a mini kitchen, dining table, double and single bunk beds and an en-suite with a shower and portable eco-toilet.

Guests can make themselves a meal and even receive breakfast and dinner baskets for their horsey companion. Mediadrumimages/HostUnusual

All that separates the guests from their equine neighbours is a transparent room divider. The self-catering stable will either be shared with a Friesian horse or a Shetland pony.

Guests are encouraged to interact with the horses using the bunk beds as a place to talk, stroke and feed them.

Guests are provided with hay nets, a luxury grooming kit and a dinner and breakfast bucket to feed their horsey companion with.

Guests are allowed to interact with the horses. Mediadrumimages/HostUnusual

Situated in the Lake District National Park, the Grade II listed farmhouse is ideal for horse lovers. As the farm also doubles as a specialist Friesian horse equestrian centre, guests are offered one-to-one ‘meet the horses’ tours and carriage rides around the village. Experienced equestrians can arrange a hack or they can request a ride down on the beach.

Stable Stays is advertised by Host Unusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start at £250 a night with a maximum of three guests meaning the cost could be as little as £83 per person.

“The ultimate in fun sleepovers, Stable Stays offers a unique opportunity for you to sleep in a cosy, self-catering stable, with a beautiful Friesian horse or a cute Shetland pony right by your side,” the listing states.

The top bunk bed is the best place to get up close with the horses. Mediadrumimages/HostUnusual

“Your soothing location is a historic, family-run farm in the Lake District National Park – the ancient and picturesque village of Cartmel, to be exact – which is home to a Grade II listed farmhouse, and seventeen much-loved Friesian horses.

“Meanwhile, your equine companion is just next door, in a spacious, water-equipped stable with a see-through room divider, that means you’ll be able to keep each-other company for your entire stay.

“If you’re an experienced equestrian, you can arrange a hack, or even ride one of those magnificent horses down on the beach.

Guests share their accommodation with a beautiful Friesian horse or an adorable Shetland pony. Mediadrumimages/HostUnusual

“So, in short, if you’re in need of a fun, memorable, and mesmerizingly scenic stay, then don’t hold your horses.”

For more information, please see https://hostunusual.com/categories/host-unusual/stable-stays/