By Martin Ruffell


MEET THE boy who spends over FOUR hours a day applying makeup to look like a real-life Ken doll.

Street vendor cook, Felipe Adam (17) from Minas Gerais, Brazil was inspired to become a real-life Ken doll after watching his two sisters, Amanda (21) and Carla (19) sketch pictures of Barbie dolls as a young child.

Since the age of 14 when he began earning his own money, Felipe has been able to buy the clothes, shoes and makeup required to get as close as he can to the doll’s unique look. He spends £20-£30 pounds per month on makeup in order to look like Barbie’s boyfriend, but admits that he is also gifted shoes, clothes and makeup by his mother Edna (49) and two sisters who wholeheartedly support his daily transformation.

Felipe minus his extreme Ken Doll look. MDWFeatures / Felipe Adam

Using foundation, eyeliner and most importantly a strong liquid contour, Felipe is able to draw the stereotypical features of the famous doll, such as the narrow cheeks and square jawbone onto his own face. However the process of getting the look is a labour intensive one, with Felipe spending four hours in the bathroom every morning to ensure everything about his look is just right.

As a result of his look, the Brazilian has become quite the local celebrity in his hometown, drawing the attention of everyone he passes, even having strangers stop him and ask him for photos. Something he enjoys and is very happy to do.

Whilst Felipe finds it fun to go out onto the streets and get such a public reaction, the unique nature of his Ken-inspired appearance has also led to some disparaging remarks, with trolls commenting that he looks like a monster and a demon. At school he has also suffered at the hand of bullies who have created hurtful memes at his expense and have called him a ghost and a chucky doll.

One day Felipe hopes to have plastic surgery to enhance his look. MDWFeatures / Felipe Adam

But such remarks haven’t deterred Felipe, who one day hopes to have surgery, starting with rhinoplasty on his nose to enhance his Ken look further.

“Since I was a kid, I watched my sisters draw Barbie dolls and I became curious about the Ken doll,” Felipe said.

“When I started working, I was able to buy clothes, shoes and makeup to get as close as I can to the doll’s look.

Felipe showing off his classic Ken doll look. MDWFeatures / Felipe Adam

“I only use makeup to get my Ken doll look – I use a strong liquid contour to draw the features of the doll on my face. Although one day I really want some surgical work done to improve my performance as Ken.

“Each morning, I wake up, shower, do my makeup, fix my hair and after exactly four hours I’m ready to start my day.

“When people see me they ask for photos and they love to talk to me. It’s really fun for me to just go out on the streets and have that public reaction.

He has become a minor celebrity in his hometown with people stopping him for photos. MDWFeatures / Felipe Adam

“I have received comments saying that I look like a demon and a chucky doll.

“These comments of course make me feel sad, but I just try to ignore them as best as I can.”

Felipe hopes that going forward his look won’t get in the way of his work and relationships, admitting that finding love so far has been difficult with such a unique look.

Felipe spends most of his money on his Ken Doll look. MDWFeatures / Felipe Adam

“I think it becomes difficult for people to relate to a person who wants to look like a doll,” he said.

“I hope my look doesn’t get in the way of my work and allow me to work hard to be able to afford to have surgical interventions to feel better about myself.

“I think that my exotic look would be interesting for makeup and clothes brands. I’m hopeful there will be opportunities to work with brands like this in the future.

“I hope I can fulfil my dream of looking even more like a Ken doll without having to wear so much makeup.”