According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accident injuries in 2012 led to about 18 billion dollars in lifetime medical expenses.

Back injuries are common consequences of Charlotte car accidents. The unfortunate part about back injuries is that they inhibit the injured person’s ability to handle necessary tasks.

Are you experiencing back pain due to a car accident? You’ll have to prove that the other party is responsible. A Charlotte car accident lawyer will assist in presenting a reasonable and robust claim. Read on for more insight concerning back pain petitions for settlement.

Causes of Back Pain After a Car Accident

A car accident will deliver significant damage to sensitive areas in your body, such as the lower back and neck due to the immense force and sudden movement. The intense force makes you hit items such as the dashboard, car door, or seat belt; thus, creating a lot of pressure on your back and neck. Back-pain could occur due to the following injuries:


Lumbar Sprains

Back trauma caused by colossal force from a vehicle accident may stretch the tendons, muscles, ligaments in your back, leading to a sprain. These injuries are not visible with an imaging test, so you need a diagnosis from an expert doctor.


Spinal Disorders

There are a plethora of spinal disorders resulting from the breakdown of your spine or spine areas. Although they are a common condition among the senior populace, they could also occur due to car mishaps.


Herniated Discs

Auto carnage could cause rupture of the spinal disc’s inner filling through their exterior casing and reach the surrounding nerves, causing intense pain.


Spinal Stenosis

A ruptured disc or bone fragment due to a vehicle accident could enter your spinal canal and exert pressure on your nerves and spinal cord.


What You Should Do when You Have a Back Pain from a Car Accident


Identify the Driver at Fault

You need to establish the driver at fault during the accident since the insurance firm will offer a low settlement if you are partially at-fault.

It’s crucial to identify how the accident occurred by doing extensive research, such as examining the recorded footage and statements and interviewing witnesses with the help of your Charlotte car accident lawyer.

Prove Your Back Injury

It’s crucial to show the extent of your injuries to obtain fair compensation for your back pain. You have to undergo various medical examinations and treatment to identify the exact cause of your pain and its impact on the course of your life.

Collect paperwork that indicates your financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages that stem from your back pain. You also need to provide evidence on how your status quo was altered due to the pain.


Obtain All Resources

If you are experiencing severe back pain that will culminate into long-term incontinence, ensure you scratch hard enough to attain various resources for securing your recovery.

Interview the at-fault driver to determine if they are working or have insurance coverage. In the absence of adequate insurance proceeds, determine if the accident perpetrator has assets that they could use to compensate for your losses.


Hire a Lawyer

Seeking compensation for your back pain is a daunting procedure that requires the experience and expertise of a Charlotte car accident lawyer. After discussing your case and the lawyer confirms you are liable for back pain compensation, they can acquire a limited early payment for covering immediate expenses like physiotherapy.

Most cases are settled out of court when there is compelling evidence indicating liability and negligence. In disputed negligence cases, the lawyer will emphasize your claim in court to acquire a reasonable settlement.