The zebra was fortunate to escape alive.mediadrumimages/RajharshaNarayanswamy/@rajharshanarayanswamy

By Alexander Greensmith


WHEN THIS eight-foot crocodile went in for a bite of a nine-hundred-pound zebra, it wasn’t expecting to be bitten back.

Thrilling scenes showed the 444-pound Nile crocodile grab the stripy-beast which is over twice its weight before getting bitten right back.

Another image captured the six-foot long Grévy’s zebra as it dealt a mighty kick to the freshwater reptile and made a speedy escape.

The unlucky zebra fights back, to the croc’s surprise with a swift kick at the jaw. mediadrumimages/RajharshaNarayanswamy/@rajharshanarayanswamy

Professional photographer, Rajharsha Narayanswamy (36) from Bengaluru, India took the photos at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, during the Great Migration.

Over 300,000 zebras take the 1,800 mile trip travelling from the Serengeti, Tanzania to the Masai Mara, Kenya. During this time, crocodiles hope to get their best meal of the year by poaching mammals from the Mara river.

“This is something that everyone has to experience. The sights, the sounds and the smell of the action all put together made the experience truly incredible,” said Rajharsha.

UNHAPPY CROC LEFT STARVING – The Great Migration is currently at the Mara river crossing stage in July-August. mediadrumimages/RajharshaNarayanswamy/@rajharshanarayanswamy

“It is surreal to see the number of animals crossing over from Kenya to Tanzania and back every year.

“It gives you the feeling of how small we actually are in this great big beautiful world of ours.”

Three years ago Rajharsha quit his IT job to launch his photography company, Camera Shutter Up. He photographed the near-miss murder sequence on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a 500mm lens and was only 40 feet away from the animals.