The epic garage for the property looks like something out of the Thunderbirds TV series. mediadrumimages/LarryHall/

By Alexander Greensmith


THESE underground converted missile bases, able to withstand a nuclear strike and protect against Covid-19, could be the ultimate survivalist’s dream – but a full sized one will cost you over £2M.

Stunning pictures show two intricate but beautiful former government missile silos that are now 2720 sq. ft of lavish living spaces.

Hi-tech images show 14 floors of the state-of-the-art homes, which date back to 1960 when the underground facility was built to protect the SM-65 Atlas intercontinental ballistic missiles. The 75-foot-tall missiles weighed 260,000 lbs and were launched 24 times during the Cold War.

The epic garage for the property looks like something out of the Thunderbirds TV series. mediadrumimages/LarryHall/

The epoxy-hardened concrete walls of the shelters are up to nine feet thick, and able to withstand critical, natural or manmade conditions including a direct nuclear strike and winds in excess of 500mph. The steel and concrete door weighs a whopping eight tons.

The secretive site has two offerings to buy. A smaller two bedroom with a bathroom offering, for £1,191,900 ($1.5 million USD), while the larger Full-Floor Unit will set you back £2,385,060 ($3 million USD).

Located in Kansas, USA, current owner and engineer Larry Hall transformed the complex into condos in 2008. Larry has even made time for leisure in the event of the end of the world, as the locale contains a bar, cinema, jacuzzi, and even a shooting range.

The 14 floors of the facility at detail, which is the ultimate home for ‘survival living’. mediadrumimages/LarryHall/

These apocalypse proof homes even contain their own fish-farms and hydroponics kit to grow your own food.

Each facility can accommodate up to 75 people for more than five years, and the keyless biometric doors also ensure maximum security for the homeowners.

“The purchase includes mandatory training, food supply, fully furnished and custom designed interior, special equipment for registered members, computer access to condo systems,” said Larry.

The property can run off-grid for five years. mediadrumimages/LarryHall/

“Our Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) air filtration can filter out pathogens like COVID-19.

“The facility comes with full military grade security that encompasses both lethal and non-lethal measures to ensure the safety of residents and the facility no matter what the threat.”

The one-of-a-kind opportunity is set to attract individuals who want peace of mind in a doomsday scenario. You can enquire to purchase at