By Martin Ruffell


FOOTAGE captures the emotional moment a dad sees colour for the first time in his life.

Dan Brogger (44) from Stockton, California, USA, had his world changed as he put on the pair of special EnChroma glasses gifted to him by his three sons Peter (17), Ben (16) and Sam (14) for Father’s Day. The glasses which cost around £280 ($350) allow people like Dan who are colourblind to be able to see colours vividly.

Having never been able to identify colour before he is suddenly able to list off the shades of every balloon in front of him, as well as see the beautiful flowers in his garden and couldn’t help but shed a few tears of joy in the process.

Dan and Adrianna Brogger. mediadrumworldtv / Adrianna Brogger

Dan’s wife, Adrianna admitted it was an emotional moment for the whole family.

“It was incredibly emotional for all of us to watch Dan experience colour for the first time,” she said.

“Dan has been in his backyard countless times before and had planted some of the flowers that we see in the video, but to see him  actually see the colours for the first time as the rest of us see them, was amazing.

The 44-year-old is checking the difference with and without the special glasses. mediadrumworldtv / Adrianna Brogger

“The gift was intended for Dan but the rest of us also got a gift that day. We all felt incredibly grateful and humbled.”

And the novelty of colour certainly hasn’t worn off for Dan, who has worn the glasses every day since he received them.

Dan Brogger is able to identify all of the colours of the balloons in front of him. mediadrumworldtv / Adrianna Brogger

“Since the video was taken Dan has discovered so much more. His normal everyday drive to work was a whole new experience with the colour-blind corrective glasses on,” added Adrianna.

“With so much chaos going in the world right now this gift was a reminder to slow down and be grateful for the things that we do have.”