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This Woman Is A Virtual Stripper Who Earns Over One-Thousand Pounds An Hour

Mary pictured taking a selfie. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

By Liana Jacob


VIRTUAL STRIPPER with the world’s ‘fattest vagina’ earns one-thousand-pounds an hour and says some of her clients are in their EIGHTIES.

Stripper, Mary Magdalene (24) from Toronto, Canada, has been performing in the industry since she was 17 years old and began having surgery when she was 20 years old.

She had one goal for years: to look like a sex doll. Over the years she spent over £80,800 on numerous surgeries, which were funded by sugar daddies. She underwent three boob jobs, three Brazilian butt lifts, cheek fat removal, hip fillers and in October 2019, she had a vagina surgery, where they transferred fat from part of her body and injected it into her vagina lips, with the goal of having the ‘world’s fattest vagina’.

Mary posing by a wall. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

However, there were severe complications that involved the left side growing consistently and developed a lot of scar tissue. To fix the problem, she underwent a vagina reduction surgery in March 2020.

Over time, her extreme look became a huge hit with her nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, that they began requesting personal sessions with her. Due to the pandemic and the majority of businesses closing down or cutting back on staff, Mary decided to take her career as a stripper virtual to give her fans what they want.

She has been charging £81 for just five minutes with her and will do up to 50 sessions a week. She has been performing for a variety of people from the ages of 20 and even 80. She said that since the coronavirus pandemic, her business has been booming.

Mary pictured with a hat and cleavage-baring top. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

“I’ve been a stripper all my life since I was seventeen. A couple of years ago I started posting on Instagram and would post sexy pictures and I started gaining many followers,” Mary said.

“People kept asking to send me money because I’m hot or because they wanted me to keep getting procedures, so I decided I might as well start my naughty website. Since then I’ve been able to make that my full-time career.

“Apart from my main website, I sell my content online, I do my virtual stripper sessions via video chat; I charge £81 for five minutes and will do up to fifty a week depending on how I am feeling that week. Luckily, I am my own boss so I can take days off when I am not in the mood.

Mary pictured before her surgeries. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

“I do a chat and a sexy strip tease although sometimes, I am just a therapist. Some people just love having someone to talk to.

“I get all sorts of different requests. some people just want to see me eat, twerking, trying on clothes, I also get foot fetishists, I’ve even had people begging me to humiliate and insult them.

“My business has been booming since this pandemic because people are lonely, horny and bored during this time. They just want a sexy girl to spice up their life. I get men and women ranging from all ages, twenties to eighties.”

Mary pictured before (left) and after her BBL surgery. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

As well as her own business, her looks have also caused a stir in the community with some even being involved in car accidents.

Even though she admits that her surgeries have caused her pain and discomfort, including being unable to drink from a straw due to her large lips, and doctors think she should stop, she now has a goal to have the ‘world’s biggest boobs’.

“I get a lot of dirty looks and have literally caused car accidents. I often have people stop me on the street begging for my number and desperate to give me money,” Mary said.

Mary pictured after one of her facial surgeries. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

“The wives and girlfriends try and distract their boyfriends and husbands when I walk by because they are jealous, they will stare at my sexy body and get turned on. But I don’t care; they always find a way to stare at me anyways.

“There have been times where they secretly slipped me there number before. I thought it was hilarious.

“When I do date, they get controlling and insecure about my Instagram and my website; they hate other men seeing my sexy pictures and they wish I wore more clothes out in public because it is too chaotic.

Mary pictured before her BBL. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

“The negatives [of my surgeries] are that I can no longer drink out of a straw and I can no longer whistle because my lips are too big. Another negative are the complications from my vagina surgery, but I am optimistic that will get repaired.

“The biggest positive is my sex life; my oversized body parts make everything way more fun and my surgeries in general have just became great for my business and brand.

“The doctors think I don’t need any more surgeries but respect the fact that I have my own unique aesthetic and are open to help me achieve my goals.

Mary pictured after a surgery. MDWfeatures / Mary Magdalene

“However, there have been many doctors that have turned me away in the past because they thought my body parts were big enough.

“I plan to have my next boob surgery in a couple months. I’m on the fence with what route I’m going to take, but I plan to have the world’s biggest boobs.

“All body shapes are beautiful; big or small. If they feel beautiful, they are beautiful, every human being is beautiful.

“I think people should go for whatever aesthetic makes them feel good, regardless of the judgemental pricks’ opinions. If they like it and are happy that way, that’s what matters.”

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