By Martin Ruffell


THIS AMAZING piece of art is making a splash with locals.

Installed in ‘K-POP Square’ in Seoul, South Korea, it was created by design company d’strict. It comprises a giant LED screen, measuring 260 feet wide and 65 feet high, giving the illusion that the glass building is filled with water.

The art which resembles a huge fish tank is displayed around the SM Town Coex Artium building, a complex created for fans of the Korean Pop stars on the SM Entertainment label.

It was created as a piece of public media to bring joy to those living in the city. mediadrumworldtv / d’strict

According to its creators, the owners of the building in the South Korean capital wanted a piece that would bring joy to those walking through the park.

“In many cases, various types of ART contents are used to create a good ambiance of the space where public media is installed” according to the company’s website.

WAVE isn’t the only water based artistic installation d’strict have created, this is the ‘Infinity Wall’ they created previously at Nexen Univercity in 2019. mediadrumworldtv / d’strict

It adds “d’strict is transforming public spaces into attractive public media places through overflowing creativity.”

The anamorphic illusion which wraps all the way around the building is unsurprisingly the largest outdoor high definition advertising screen in South Korea and surely has to be the most impressive.