By Martin Ruffell


THIS CAT has found the purfect scratching post – which just so happens to be an iguana.

In a wonderful video taken by the pair’s owner, Emi Chan from Nobeoka City, Japan, the three-year-old feline, Boukaja, can be seen rubbing itself against the scaly skin of his lizard companion; seven-year-old iguana, Igu Senpai.

The lizard seems to have no real issue with the cat interfering in his personal space as he stands still, unmoved by what is going on, seeming like the perfect pet.

These two are most certainly best friends for life. mediadrumworldtv / @mashu5335

However, Emi does caution against getting a pet iguana on a whim.

“My iguana is very kind, but iguanas can be dangerous,” she said.

“Everyone needs to be careful when getting an iguana as a pet.”

These two are rarely pictured apart, but have some company in this one from a doggy friend. mediadrumworldtv / @mashu5335

With the reptiles being difficult to care for, it is a sad fact that 70% of iguanas die in captivity within the first year of ownership, or are sent to rescue shelters when the owner feels they can not or do not want to care for them.

Some species of iguanas can grow over six feet in length, however most pet iguanas are much smaller and tend to reach roughly 20 inches and live for the same number of years if cared for properly.

Whilst cats are known to rub up against all sorts of things for a quick scratch, this has to be the most unusual scratching post of all time.