By Martin Ruffell

NOTHING is coming between this little disabled tortoise and his grub.

Adorable footage shows Helix the tiny tortoise happily chomping down on a salad leaf whilst rolling along on his tiny set of wheels.

According to his owner, Randy Betz, Helix was born with a deformity in his back legs resulting in them not being at all functional. In order to make Helix’s life easier for him, Randy decided to attach the wheels taken from miniature finger skateboards to Helix’s underside to allow him to move with the freedom of any other tortoise.

Helix showing just how small he is. Tiny wheels attached. mediadrumworldtv / @helixwheels

Just last month, Randy released a series of children’s books which focus on the very fitting topics of diversity and inclusivity and he has also set up the Helix Wheels Foundation with the primary goal to help those with mobility issues get the support and equipment they need.

With just shy of 100,000 followers on Instagram and a flood of Helix fan mail pouring in, it is clear that Helix is an inspiration to many. Randy states on his Instagram, “When Helix’s wheels were attached, he literally changed personalities. It was like he turned into Superman. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t accomplish, especially eating.”