As a law professional, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Your days are busy, and you may experience a lot of stress at work. However, your clients should always be your top priority and making them feel more comfortable should be a significant concern for you.

There are best practices you can implement so that you have a better working relationship with clients. You want them to feel at ease so that they begin to trust you, and together you can focus on winning the case at hand. You’ll find that your efforts pay off in the long run and that you have a more successful law firm to show for it and one that you can be proud of.

Build Rapport and a Relationship

Help your clients feel more comfortable working with you by building a strong rapport and relationship with them. Avoid pitching yourself and your business and be open to hearing them out and the reasons why they’re coming to you for help. Exchange ideas and avoid rushing into your elevator speech and instead get to know your client better. Remain open and flexible in your communication approach by having a conversation and seeing where it takes you. 

Explain Legal Terms and Provide Useful Resources

Your clients may know they’re in a bind or that they’ve been mistreated but might not understand the legal jargon and laws that well. Therefore, explain complicated topics in laymen’s terms and provide useful resources they can read to learn more about the matter. For example, if your client experiences an injury at work, then point them in the right direction about how to learn more about a safe return to work after workplace accident. You want them to feel empowered and more knowledgeable after leaving your office. 

Listen Attentively

Listening goes a long way in helping your clients to feel more comfortable working with you. Instead of doing all the talking, listen attentively and hear your clients out. Avoid making assumptions or judgments and learn more about why they’re turning to you and what you can do to help them. Summarize and repeat back what you heard to make sure you’re both on the same page. Try to understand their pain points and objectives and only interject if you want to clarify what they’re saying.

Review Your Experience and Expertise with Them

Another way to win more clients and make them feel more comfortable working with you is to communicate more information about your experience and expertise. Educate them on what makes working with you an optimal choice and what you can do for them that other lawyers may not be able to achieve. Share more about what types of cases you’ve worked on and won in the past and why previous clients have been satisfied using your services. Your clients will be more motivated to work with you when they understand what makes you and your firm unique and you can show proof that you’ve been able to navigate uncertain waters in the past.