By Liana Jacob


WOMAN shares simple hack to make your own HAND SANITISER in under FIVE MINUTES.

On March 11, 2020, golf travel YouTuber, Stephanie Gibri (27) from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, filmed a Do-It-Yourself YouTube video on how to make your own hand sanitiser after she struggled to find one after they were all out of stock at the supermarkets.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, frantic shoppers have gone on a wild spree of buying products in bulk including toilet roll and hand sanitiser due to its value in this environment.

Stephanie pictured during her DIY hand sanitiser tutorial. MDWfeatures / Stephanie Gibri

On her video, Stephanie explains the simple formula which can solve this problem. Ingredients include aloe vera gel, 60 per cent (preferably) rubbing alcohol, a container to put it in and essential oil which is optional depending on whether you’d like to add a scent.

She has since had over 3,800 views and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I first came up with the idea of making your own hand sanitiser when they were out of stock everywhere and it’s really easy to make,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie pictured doing yoga. MDWfeatures / Stephanie Gibri

“I love DIY projects, and took the opportunity to share that part of myself and add value to other people’s lives so they can stay safe and germ-free.

“All you need is aloe vera gel, rubbing alcohol (over sixty per cent is preferable), a container to put it in, and to add some scents, you’ll need an essential oil (optional).

“Step one: Mix one cup of aloe vera gel with two cups of rubbing alcohol. Step two: Mix in twenty to twenty-five drops of an essential oil of choice.

Stephanie holding a container she would add the sanitiser in. MDWfeatures / Stephanie Gibri

“Step three: Funnel the mixture into small containers. Now you can enjoy your at-home mixture of hand sanitiser.

“I’ve received a lot of positive reactions from this video, and requests for more DIY projects and I can’t wait to get started on them.

“I have 3,890 views on my DIY Hand Sanitiser, which is my most viewed video only YouTube channel and it has helped me to expand my horizons from my regular golf videos.”

Stephanie holding up her DIY hand sanitiser. MDWfeatures / Stephanie Gibri

Stephanie says that a way to get out of the coronavirus hump is to find new goals in life to focus on and ‘just do it’.

“A few people haven’t been able to find rubbing alcohol over sixty per cent; you can put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, add some essential oils and use it as a spray on your hands,” she said.

“Honestly, I think most of us are struggling with not having something to do and motivating ourselves out of bed, and that’s okay.

Stephanie pictured opening the aloe vera gel. MDWfeatures / Stephanie Gibri

“We need to give ourselves credit and say, ‘it’s ok to feel this way, I’m not the only one’. As soon as we accept it, we can move forward.

“Re-focus on a house project or personal goal and Nike said it best, ‘just do it’. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just can’t lose sight of it and remember it’s going to be over soon.”