FAMILY FUN - Even your pets are allowed at this retro Airbnb. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/jonryanphotography

By Alexander Greensmith



While apocalyptic scenes sweep the nation as we prepare for coronavirus self-isolation, Brits may feel nostalgic for the last time we were told to stay indoors. Take a step back to the early 1940s with this cosy lodging that was once used by World War II land girls.

The Corrugated Cottage, located in the sleepy countryside village of Baltonsborough, Somerset, UK, is still taking bookings across the next four months for just £90 per guest per night.

History buffs can simulate the lives of the land girls that lived in this kitsch cottage. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/jonryanphotography

The cute cottage is just an 11-minute drive away from Pilton, home of the Glastonbury music festival, which is currently going ahead for 2020 despite COVID-19 fears.

Current owner Michael Chapman first used the unique property as an office for his sculpturing studio, but after chancing on some old newspapers from June 1940, he set to embrace the property’s historic significance.

The house was built in Spring 1940 for the Women’s Land Army who would support the war effort by working in local farms. More than a third of land girls came from major cities, so many rural newbuilds like this popped up, however not many still honour a retrospective tribute today.

Youngsters are welcome to make this bomb shelter their play-den. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/jonryanphotography

In a tribute to how many land girls were serving in this residence, there are eight beds across two bedrooms. Despite this however, there is a four-guest maximum, likely as there is only one bathroom.

This octogenarian home includes a bomb shelter in the garden, named after Sir John Anderson, a Churchillian Cabinet Minister. Anderson shelters were used during the Second World War to protect from the threat of the Nazi Luftwaffe. It’s good news for the kids as the Airbnb welcomes families with children to play and make this refuge their den.

The guesthouse is built out of corrugated iron with tongue and groove wooden panelling inside with modern cellulose insulation between. There’s no telly but history buffs can revel in the abundance of authentic features in the small home.

While Marmite jars might have changed a little, the kitchen decor certainly hasn’t. mediadrumimages/Airbnb/jonryanphotography

“The cottage has been recreated in the style of the 1940s, with authentic details such as a forties enamelled range with back boiler, forties utility furniture and Bakelite switches and plugs,” states the listing.

“The kitchen includes an original fifties sink, larder and fridge with a modern electric hob and microwave. In the bathroom is a claw-foot roll top bath and toilet with overhead cistern. There is a record player and a selection of LPs from the era to get you in the mood.”

Perhaps these gas masks might be used to protect from coronavirus in 2020… mediadrumimages/Airbnb/jonryanphotography

Long-term stays are welcome at this quirky pad, which stands alone between the owner’s home and a small forest with badgers, foxes and owls as its residents.

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