By Kate Harrold


THIS FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy has become an INSTAGRAM SENSATION after posting pictures of himself dressed as his favourite movie heroes and villains.

Logan Winter Dominic (4) from Glendale, California, USA, has garnered an impressive 15,000 Instagram followers thanks to his unique after-school hobby – cosplaying.

It all started when a two-year-old Logan asked his stay-at-home dad, Emanuel Rodriguez (33), to make him a Deadpool costume. From there, he caught the cosplaying bug and he’s since debuted over 16 looks at comic and film conventions across the state of California.

Logan standing in a hallway holding a balloon whilst cosplaying as Pennywise the clown. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

Logan is quite the actor and researches his characters thoroughly before he makes a public appearance. He prides himself on knowing each character’s famous quotes – including those of Captain America, Pennywise, Kylo Ren, and Wolverine.

The hard work certainly pays off, Logan attracts quite the crowd at his convention appearances – something that startles Emanuel more so than Logan.

Cosplaying has now become a family affair as Emanuel and Logan have sported several father-son duo costumes – including Spider-Man and Venom.

Logan smiling in his regular clothing. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

At his next appearance at Fandom Invasion in November 2020, Logan is being featured as a guest – allowing all his fans to meet him. Logan hopes to continue to spread joy debuting his detailed looks.

“Logan’s been cosplaying since he was two years old. His first cosplay was Deadpool,” Emanuel said.

“He asked me if I could make the costume for him.

Logan getting cosplaying as the king of Halloweentown – Jack Skellington. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

“I first look up a lot of reference pictures to see what route to take and to see what to make first. Then I go get fabric, make a pattern, and begin sewing.

“The hours it takes depends on the cosplay. Sometimes it can take a week and sometimes a day.

“Sometimes it can be pricey, but we don’t really think about it. If he really wants to be that character, I will make it happen.

Logan debuting his Mandalorian cosplay with his trusty sidekick, Baby Yoda. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

“I’ve learnt new ways to do things as we go.”

Cosplaying is something that evidently brings great amounts of joy to Logan.

“He’s [Logan] always been outgoing,” Emanuel said.

Logan cosplaying as Disney’s Pinocchio. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

“He loves it. He gets into character and does his research to see what famous characters say.

“He loves Wolverine – just because that’s what he was named after. He loves the claws.

“It can be pretty overwhelming. He gets crowds. Sometimes it’s a little too much and I get a bit scared – but I love the reaction he gets.

Logan cosplaying as his namesake, Wolverine. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

“He gets recognised even when he’s outside of cosplay.

“It can be very hectic – but very fun. He loves taking pictures with the other cosplayers.

“You’ve got to let your kids have fun. If he likes to cosplay or dress up, just encourage it.”

Logan on a trip to Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge as he cosplays as Darth Maul. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

Cosplaying is a hobby that Emanuel has now taken up himself and the father-son duo certainly have plans for the future.

“I actually picked it up from him,” Emanuel said.

“He’s [Logan] being a cosplay feature at a convention in November – and he’ll have his own booth. That’s pretty cool.

Logan smiling as he shows off his Spider-Man look. MDWfeatures / @logandominiccosplay

“We hope to do lots of new cosplays.”

For more information, please visit Logan’s Instagram page.