By Alexander Greensmith


THIS ADORABLE dog has found a new best friend and furever home after ABUSE and NEGLECT left him BLINDED.

Cute pictures show the adorable pooch loving life, playing fetch without a care in the world, toying with a cloth stuck on her head, and snuggling up with new owner and student, Cory Gonzales (23) from Lubbock, USA.

Terrier mix, Puddin (1) was born with sight but a torrid start to life left authorities with no choice but to remove her infected eyes and sew her eye-sockets shut.

Puddin underwent drastic surgery to prevent a nasty infection from spreading further. Mediadrumimages/@mydearpuddin

Despite this, Puddin can clearly still show emotion as these heart-warming pictures show, such as nerves on the first day of puppy school, posing merrily on the beach or looking cool in pink sunglasses.

While it is unknown what caused the poor pup’s diseased eyes, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas (SCPA) had to take the case to court to rescue the six-week-old mistreated mutt.

“She either was scratched during play or maybe got into something worse. Her owners sought medical help so late that it progressed and got pretty severe,” said Cory.

Puddin needed to have her eyes removed after a legal battle to save her from her first neglectful owners. Mediadrumimages/@mydearpuddin

“They let it get so bad before going to the vets that animal control was called to see if they could help. When asked to hand Puddin over the neglectful owners refused, so a long drawn out legal battle began.

“But aside that, we don’t know anything about her family history. I hope maybe one day we will. All I know is that Puddin was the name the SPCA of Texas gave her when they rescued her.

“At the end of it Puddin was saved, but her eyes were destroyed. They were causing her too much pain. She was blind and needed to have her eyes removed.”

Puddin now has over 130,000 fans on social media and her own range of Puddin products. Mediadrumimages/@mydearpuddin

After seeing the cuddly young dog on an internet ad, the Cory was captivated by the then four-month-old canine and gave her a forever home.

Dog-lover Cory is now on a mission to encourage owners to adopt and not shop for pooches, to raise awareness that even visually impaired pets are perfect.

“I was looking to adopt a dog because I really wanted to have a companion when going back to grad school. I couldn’t bring my family dogs from home, so I fell in love with Puddin,” he said.

Adorable Puddin had her eyes sewn shut after a vicious infection stole her sight. Mediadrumimages/@mydearpuddin

“I think just because a dog needs special attention or has special needs doesn’t mean it’s going to be any more different or difficult than raising a typically developing dog.

“We haven’t had any added challenges with Puddin other than working on additional commands such as watch out or up and down for stairs.”

Puddin leads a high quality life taking long naps and trips to the dog park with pooch-pal Murphy, just like any other dog.

“We haven?t had any added challenges with Puddin other than working on additional commands such as watch out or up and down for stairs,” says Cory. Mediadrumimages/@mydearpuddin

Proud doggy-dad Cory has begun to sell merchandise after requests from fans and Puddin is loved by 135,000 followers on Instagram.

“My mum actually suggested I create an Instagram, she thought Puddin was the cutest and thought the world needed to see,” Cory said

“The response has been mostly positive, but we have had a couple of people say some not nice things but to be honest I don’t even give it the time of day. There is nothing but positive vibes allowed in Puddin’s house.

Cory has been giving Puddin her best life since rescuing her. Mediadrumimages/@mydearpuddin

“Please rescue a dog. It is simple. Those babies need homes, and they will just give you all the cuddles and kisses.

“I think it’s incredible so many people all over the world feel so much love for this incredible dog like I do.”

You can follow the dynamic duo on TikTok and Instagram @mydearpuddin.