Sindy's music album picture. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

By Kate Harrold


THIS WOMAN has spent TWENTY-THREE-THOUSAND-POUNDS on enhancing her body and loves it so much that she’s written a song called BOOBS DANCE.

Sexy Scandinavian, Sindy Starlet (37) from Oslo, Norway, started her journey to busty pop stardom when she underwent her first cosmetic breast surgery in 2005. 

Since then, the Instagram influencer has undergone three breast enlargements and two nose jobs spending a total of £23,000 (197,000 KR) on her new enhanced look which brings her breast size 70A (32A) cup to a 70L (32H) cup.

Sindy pictured now happy with her body. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

Sindy’s new look has provided her with a newfound sense of confidence allowing the vivacious blonde to explore her passion for music in the catchy dance track which she hopes will become a hit song.

Having lost her mother, Irene, aged only eight and with her father living abroad, Sindy moved into a youth home aged 15.

“I decided from a very young age to get plastic surgery. When I was fourteen years old, I looked at my friends and they all had big boobs,” Sindy said.

Sindy pictured when she was 19 years old. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

“I was slim and skinny – I had no boobs. I was surrounded by typical model girls.

“I am more confident now. I feel like I’m more of a woman with my new boobs. For me, it’s important that a woman has boobs.

“I look forward to summer because then I can actually show my boobs.

Sindy pictured modelling with her new boobs. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

“I hate when people try to look like other people because we can never look like that person. We are individual. I go on Instagram and I see people try to look like Kim Kardashian. They pay a lot of money. There’s only one Kim and there’s only one Sindy Starlet.

“I just want to be the best version of myself. I don’t like being compared. Be yourself and be the best version of yourself.”

Although happy with her new look, Sindy hasn’t always received positive responses from those around her.

Sindy pictured showing off her body after her surgeries. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

“I don’t think my family understand. My father is very old-fashioned,” she said.

“When I meet all of my sisters and we’re all together, they try to accept who I am, but I think inside, it’s hard for them.

“I think I can be too vulgar and extreme for men who like a natural look. I think I appeal to men who like big boobs.

Sndy pictured next to her car after her surgeries. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

“When I go clubbing, girls want to come and touch my boobs. I think it’s strange but funny.”

Music has always been a passion for Sindy who now feels confident chasing her dream and is supported by her son, Leo (15).

“Leo thinks it’s cool that his mother has made a song. I think he’s proud,” she said.

Sindy pictured showing her boobs after her surgeries. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

“When I was ten years old, I knew very badly that I wanted to sing, but it’s very difficult to make a hit song.

“I like all types of music. One day, I can listen to Whitney Houston. The next I can listen to Birdman.

“My biggest dream is to be on the stage and entertain. I’m afraid to stand on the stage but I think when I go out there, I’d love it.

Sindy’s music album picture. MDWfeatures / @sindystarlet

“Hopefully my song will be popular. If it’s not, I’ll make a new song – a different type of song. I think I also need to make a Boobs Dance music video.

“I have considered more breast implants. I need to think about it. I have respect for my body. I don’t want complications.

“I’m very picky about which doctor is going to touch my body when I get on the table. Right now, I want to eat healthy – eat clean food.”

You can find Sindy on Instagram @sindystarlet.