By Kate Harrold


JILTED woman spent over EIGHT-THOUSAND-POUNDS on cosmetic surgery after discovering her partner was ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE – and now she’s flaunting her REVENGE-BOD all over social media.

Realtor, Jo Ann Munz (54) from Las Vegas, USA, was in a happy, healthy relationship and for 18 months, had no reason to believe that anything was awry – that was until Jo Ann discovered that her partner was engaged to someone else.

After confronting her partner and his fiancé, Jo Ann was labelled an ‘old hag,’ and ‘grandma loser’. Soon after, she spiralled into a depressive episode and lost 30lbs – only leaving the house to go to work. Jo Ann knew things needed to change.

Jo Ann photographed when she was younger. MDWfeatures / @real_estate_barbie

She subsequently spent £8,280 ($10,650) on cosmetic surgery in a complete overhaul of her look. This included replaced breast implants £6213 ($8,000), a plasma fibroblast £776 ($1,000), Botox £776 ($1000), micro-needling £388 ($500) and a chemical peel £116 ($150). In the future, Jo Ann hopes to have her upper and lower eyes done in addition to maintaining her Botox and fillers.

Alongside this, Jo Ann also adopted a strict work-out regime and incorporated pilates, kettlebell, and boot camp workouts into her routine five to seven times a week. She credits drinking water and protein shakes as key components in maintaining her impressive muscular physique.

With her new look came a fresh outlook on life, and Jo Ann decided not to hold back. After turning 50, she took part in a liberating naked photo shoot in the desert and hasn’t looked back since. Jo Ann now regularly models – posting the seductive images to her Instagram page – and hopes to show older women that there’s no expiry date on beauty or having fun.

Jo Ann pictured naked and planking on a car in the desert. MDWfeatures / @revoh713

“Revenge was the impetus originally for my first photo shoot, but once I started getting positive responses from women, I realised that I was inspiring some of them to step out of their comfort zones,” Jo Ann said.

“With age comes a sense of cool. If you don’t like me or my style, okay. I feel much more attractive now because I have confidence.

“I’m not trying to turn every head in the room – just enjoy the moment. I’ve learned how to hide my flaws for the days when I’m just not feeling it.”

Jo Ann photographed in the nude showing off her athletic body. MDWfeatures / @kreativephoto1

Not everyone has responded to Jo Ann’s look positively. Some people have branded her a Barbie – something Jo Ann takes as a compliment.

“There’s lots of ‘colourful’ comments from men – that’s inevitable,” she said.

“People immediately either love me or hate me – there’s no middle ground.

Jo Ann showing off her athletic body in a hotel hallway. MDWfeatures / @shotsby.dre

“One of my brothers is always telling me to put some clothes on. My friends really support and love what I do with photoshoots. They admire that I always move to my own beat and do what I want.

“Once, I was at a photoshoot and no one could remember my name and so they just called me Barbie. It’s a very fun title to have – especially at my age.

“For me, it plays well. I really don’t take a lot of things seriously and it makes me relatable.

Jo Ann photographed with her aesthetician. MDWfeatures / @real_estate_barbie

“My signature look is heels too high, nails too long, and clothes too loud.”

Jo Ann hopes she can inspire other women her age to continue embracing their beauty.

“It’s important for me to inspire other women to not give up. Strong women inspire each other,” she said.

Jo Ann photographed in her lingerie showing off her athletic body. MDWfeatures / @real_estate_barbie

“Water is your best friend, drink it. Don’t make any cosmetic changes unless they’re for you. Be consistent with your exercise and good eating habits – but plan for a cheat day.

“Stop comparing yourself to a photoshopped image of perfection. I look at altered pictures of myself and I wish I looked like her too.

“Confidence is the sexiest accessory a woman can wear. Fake it until you don’t need to anymore.”