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Melbourne is the second-largest of Australia’s beautiful cities and stands out as a very popular destination for people from all around the world. You can easily find countless first-rate attractions, ranging from museums to zoos. Based on what you want to do while on the trip, you can surely find something that is perfect for your wishes, with the following being some of the very best Melbourne attractions to consider right now.

City Circle Tram

The City Circle Tram stands out as a wonderful way to see all the main attractions of the city. This is a circular route that goes both clockwise and counter-clockwise in Melbourne’s Central Business District. When you are on the ride you go past several major tourist attractions and the best thing about the tram system is that it is completely free. If you want to learn more about what you see, there is an audio commentary system available for tourists.

Federation Square

This is the equivalent of Times Square for the city of Melbourne. It only opened in the year 2002 but it is a main focal point for both visitors and residents that want to enjoy some food, fun and sun. As you can imagine, it is located centrally and you can visit numerous bars and restaurants, together with other tourist attractions.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens, according to Plumbing Services Melbourne, is a top gathering spot for residents and tourists. When you visit, you get to see over 8,500 plant species coming from every corner of the world. If you decide to visit, make sure that you experience an Ornamental Lake walking tour, although you can simply just get there and enjoy all the beauty the gardens offer.

State Library Victoria

When you visit State Library Victoria, you do not do it for the books. You do it so that you can see the beautiful structure that holds the books in the library. This is a nineteenth-century building that is simply stunning. If you do want to read, you can do it in the domed ceiling surrounding of the La Trobe Reading Room. To make everything even more attractive, there are also numerous temporary and permanent art exhibits on display.

Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo is actually renowned all around the world as a wonderful place to see majestic creatures. As expected, you can see many species that are native to the continent, like koalas, emus and kangaroos. Besides these, you can also enjoy sights of Asian elephants, Sumatran tigers and Madagascar lemurs, among many others.

Eureka Tower

If you want to see Melbourne from above, the Eureka Tower, which opened in 2006 is the place to go to. What is interesting is that here you can enjoy the highest view from a building in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Those that are particularly brave can visit The Edge, which is a glass cube extending out from floor 88. It offers an incredible moving view that will never be forgotten. If this is too much for you, just enjoy the views from the Skydeck.