Linda in the navy J.Crew coat Meghan wore while attending an International Women's Day parade in Birmingham in March 2018. MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

By Rebecca Drew


THIS MEGHAN MARKLE superfan who spends her time copying the Duchess of Sussex’s style is urging the press to LEAVE MEGHAN ALONE – because she’s a human being too.

Actuary, Linda Martinez (31) from Mexico City, Mexico, first saw Meghan Markle as her Rachel Zane alter-ego in American hit series, Suits and soon became a fan of her sophisticated dress sense and was in awe of her own personal backstory and humanitarian work.

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan announced they were dating in 2016, Linda, who is also an avid royal watcher, has followed the now pregnant Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe choices with a close eye, shopping around for a low-cost alternative, or when her budget allows, snatching up the original piece before it sells out.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: Linda’s spin on Meghan’s Ralph Lauren Wimbledon look in 2018. MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

Incredible pictures show Linda channelling her inner Meghan whilst emulating the Duchess’ Sentaler coat outfit she wore to her first ever Christmas church service at Sandringham in 2017, the Club Monaco dress worn by the expectant first-time mum on a visit to the Hubb Community Kitchen which was opened after the Grenfell Tower disaster and the Banana Republic nude trench dress Meghan wore on tour in South Africa in October last year.

Other images show Linda’s take on the blue and white floral Oscar de la Renta dress that the Suits star wore to Princess Diana’s niece, Celia McCorquodale’s wedding in June 2018 and her spin on Meghan’s Wimbledon outfit worn to the tennis competition with sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Linda has ‘repli-Meghaned’ around 50 of the Duchess’ better known looks and has spent up to £620 (800USD) on a single coat but with the ‘Megxit’ crisis rolling on, she still believes the Duchess is a strong role model to young people.

Linda replicating the Smythe coat Meghan wore to the launch of the Grenfell cookbook in September 2018.
MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

“I’ve always followed the royal family but when I learned about the engagement of Meghan and Harry, I got involved more with Meghan,” said Linda.

“I was a Meghan fan because of Suits but when I did my research and I found out about her family and work, and all the things she has done to get what she has and where she is today, I started to admire her a lot and wanted to be like her.

“I wanted to be like her as a human being, she’s an empowered woman and has the most incredible style.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: Linda channelling one of Meghan’s looks as worn in Belfast in March 2018. MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

“I didn’t have a defined style before and when I realised that I felt confident in the neutral colours, sophisticated combinations and this elegant yet comfortable way to dress I loved it.

“I really believe that someone like Meghan can feel confident, look good and still be a great human being.

“I guess is not easy for her [Meghan] to be there in the royal family with all the prejudices in society and classy people who maybe would only accept royals before.

Linda replicating Meghan’s green floral Self-Portrait dress worn in April 2018.
MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

“Right now, we see her living a great life, but we don’t know all the things she has had to change or accept to get that. I admire her strength and her kindness with people and that she is true to herself through it all.”

Linda is always looking for a bargain and snaps up her Meghan inspired outfits from Club Monaco, J.Crew, Aritzia, Zara, H&M, Mango and even Amazon. Her all-time favourite look of the Duchess is her stunning Givenchy wedding dress worn at her nuptials to Prince Harry in May 2018.

Linda is supportive of the royal couple’s decision to step down as senior members of the royal family and says they deserve to be happy and live in a safe environment away from the press.

Linda’s take on the Reformation striped sundress Meghan wore on her tour of Australia in October 2018.
MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

“I’m from Mexico, so I just can see the news online and what I see is she has been treated so awful, I think the press sometimes distorts things. No one should be judged by others, in the end, she is a human being,” said Linda.

“I think they [Meghan and Harry] have all the right to decide what the best is for their family, as long as they are happy. They deserve to enjoy their life, to have their space and to feel safe. I totally support their decision.

“To me, she is a super strong, independent, resilient, feminist. An empowered woman who has used her platform to support others. That is what I admire about her.

Linda emulating one of Meghan’s looks from 2016 not long after it was announced she was dating Prince Harry.
MDWfeatures / Linda Martinez

“I love fashion, so I keep my eyes on the low-cost brands because sometimes they have things that are alike to Meghan’s outfits. If my budget allows me, I buy the original outfit, if it’s not sold out.

“I just want to express my admiration for her by sharing my looks, my travels, what I love and makes me happy.

“I’d like to express that a woman is free to express whatever she wants and to be a successful and happy woman no matter what people say.”

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