By Alex Jones



A FOOLHARDY snake charmer is lucky to be alive after being bit in the FACE after drunkenly trying to KISS a deadly cobra.

Remarkable footage shows the teetering man stooping to plant a smacker on the four-foot-long before the creature, taking umbrage at his advances, struck his face – leaving him hospitalised and urgently in need of life-saving anti-venom. He also suffered huge unsightly swelling around his mouth and was in “excruciating pain” for over a week.

The bizarre incident took place in Karnataka, India on Christmas eve – clearly leaving the man reeling from the repercussions of one too many snakebites.

INDIA: Sonu was promptly treated by medical profesionals who probably saved his life. He was in excrutiating pain for over a week. Mediadrumimages/ShamantakMani

The Indian cobra – responsible for thousands of deaths every year in the subcontinent – was spotted by terrified residents in Bhadravati City on 24 December who called a local snake catcher Sonu to come rescue the venomous reptile. However, when he turned up, it became immediately apparent that Sonu was worse for wear after several drinks.

Despite his inebriated state, he caught the snake which had taken refuge under a stone on the pavement easily. Feeling overconfident, Sonu began to play with the deadly snake.

INDIA: The bitten snake charmer pulls back with the deadly snake still latche dto his lip. Mediadrumimages/ShamantakMani

He attempted to kiss the irritated snake which quickly struck him on the mouth, administering a potentially lethal dose of venom.

Sonu immediately started bleeding from his face and was rushed to a local hospital, before being referred to Mcgann hospital in Shimoga for specialist treatment. Doctors said the cobra had injected a deadly dose of venom into Sonu, but he managed to survive due to timely treatment.

Sonu was in excruciating pain and his face was badly swollen for nearly 10 days but is now recovering.