MDWfeatures / Rebecca Legon

For thrill-seekers who enjoy height, speed, and cold, Heli-skiing is the ultimate activity. This sport allows them to ride on choppers, reach untapped mountain peaks, and zoom downhill in powder-like snow. It is a hobby, like no other.

People who heli ski appreciate its significance, but for ordinary people, this adrenaline-boosting sport is not worth doing at all. This impression is not surprising given how movies depict helicopter skiing and the many misconceptions surrounding it.

Before you judge Heli-ski enthusiasts or miss the opportunity to try, you should first discover the truths behind the following helicopter skiing myths:


Myth 1: It Requires Jumping from the Chopper

If you have watched people in movies leaping from a helicopter to ski downhill in deep snow and thought that they are crazy, you are probably right. You are correct, in the sense that this kind of stunt can only be done in movies using special effects, but not in real life.

In ordinary Heli-skiing, you will have to wait for the chopper to land before you get off and ski. You will neither jump nor fall, but crouch and head for the exit amidst the blaring sound of the propeller. It may not be as compelling and thrilling as jumping, but it is still fun, and most of all, safe.


Myth 2: You Need Advanced Skiing Skills

You do not need the skills like Heli-skiing creator Hans Gmoser to try and enjoy this thrilling sport. If you have intermediate skills, confident in skiing regardless of the snow conditions, and physically fit to ride for extended periods, then you are qualified

There are also programs available that can help those with passion and interest but lack skiing experience to try Heli-skiing. Reputable operators are continuously creating new packages to ensure that this winter hobby can be experienced by many.


Myth 3: You Can Get Lost

While it is true that you will be transported to untapped terrain and ski downhill from there, getting lost is almost impossible. For one, Heli-skiing is a team sport, which means you are not alone. You ride the chopper as a team and ski together until you are all ready to head back. Second, your party will have a professional guide to ensure that everyone gets accounted for and safe.


Myth 4: You Can Die

All sports have risks, especially if you do them without proper preparation. For Heli-skiing, operators offer practical training on mountain hazards and avalanche. Likewise, professional guides will teach you on skiing protocols as well as safety and companion rescue. While skiing risks may not become eliminated, reputable operators employ risk management strategies to ensure clients’ safety.


Myth 5: It is a Waste of Time and MoneyFool’s Errand

While you do need to save a considerable sum to try this sport, it is almost impossible for you to find somebody who tried Heli-skiing and regret the experience. Apart from a memorable experience, you get to conquer your fear, do something different, and test your physical and mental limits. Can you put a price tag on these essential life lessons?