INDONESIA: A bright geko spreading it's mouth and posing for the camera. Mediadrumimages/TantoYensen

By Balraj Sohal


A SPECTACULAR series of shots capture the tranquillity of these four-legged posers as they blissfully smile at the camera whilst relaxing with friends.

The eye-popping images show the different species of frogs perched upon branches and flowers as they take in their surroundings, silently waiting for their next meal.

INDONESIA: A frog lounging on top of it’s favourite flower away from the wild commotion. Mediadrumimages/TantoYensen

One incredible image shows a trio of frogs, looking like a slimy rock band as they choreograph themselves along a branch whilst another shows two frogs lounging around – with one gaping its mouth as if ready to let out a chuckle.

Photographer, Tanto Yensen, (39), from Jakarta, Indonesia, took these amazing photos in order to see the behaviour of different animals, and with the right amount of patience, was able to capture these cheeky amphibians before they sprung off.

INDONESIA: Two smiley frogs perched on flowers as if about to chuckle. Mediadrumimages/TantoYensen

Tanto also seizes the opportunity to photograph other animals such as vivid Tokay geckos, venomous white-lipped pit vipers and bright saltwater crocodiles, but admits his favourite shoots are the ones including the crazy leapers.

“I became a photographer for a hobby to shoot reptiles and amphibians… I love it because I can see the behaviour of these animals”, Tanto said.

“My method is to be patient and to wait for the moment… I think they are so gorgeous and unique which made me take photos of them.

INDONESIA: A band of frogs twisting and turning amongst each other as if dancing. Mediadrumimages/TantoYensen

“My favourite kind of animals are the Dumpy White tree frog, Amazon milk frog and Green flying frog.

“People say my photos are awesome and amazing.”

You can keep up with Tanto’s incredible sightings here.