There is no denial of the increasing invasion of technology in our lives. The impact is not limited to adults. In fact, it is more prominent in children. Most of the parents including many celebrities also agree to the use of parental control apps to ensure safety for their children. These apps provide an incredible feature to monitor your kid’s movements physically and on the media. You can trace their location through GPS and supervise their activities on social media. Click on the link to know more about location tracking using the mspy app. Although these apps provide assistance, many doubts and challenges are unanswered. Parents are often unclear about the usage of these apps. No matter what app you are using, it’s you who have to take the driver seat. You should know when to pull the wire and when to let it go. Here are some tips to guide you to supervise your child.

  • How much is too much

You cannot completely prohibit your child from social media. It has been found that the presence on social media is sometimes beneficial. It boosts the social relationship of children. It keeps the kids aware of the happenings and developments. It lets them make friends and contribute to charities. However, the constant two hours of social media can also contribute to anxiety and irritability. Limiting the use wisely makes these young adults more satisfied. You can talk to them about it and bring the change gradually.


  • Entering the kid’s social media

There has been a debate on whether the parents should check the social media of their children or not. Some parents believe in giving privacy to their kids. However, this may expose your kids to online predators, cyber-bullying or mental health issues. Also, all this will happen with you being completely unaware of it. You can use the monitoring apps and tools to check them without letting them know.


  • Identifying symptoms indicating the curbing social media is now necessary

Several symptoms indicate that your child is spending a lot on his/her device. You should be alert about these symptoms and take the necessary actions to reverse the situation timely. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Withdrawal from face-to-face interaction
  • Anxiety and stress for no apparent reason
  • Slipping grade and delayed, poorly done or undone assignments
  • Snubbing or unresponsiveness
  • Avoiding responsibilities
  • Conflicts in closest relationships on petty issues


  • Handling arguments about the portable device

Talking to the children about limiting the devices and screen usage is like stepping a landmine. The discussions often get converted into debates and create a divide between the parents and the children. This easily gets emotional and makes children believe that they are not understood; their parents are primitive or are trying to dominate them. A better way is to give the phone to them with an initial agreement. This agreement would state the terms of usage and establish that the phone will have to be surrendered if any condition is violated. This is a mature way to handle the argument.


  • Being children’s social media friend

How helpful being social media friends with your children is subjective. It depends on the age and personality of your child. You also have to keep in mind that the child may have accounts on other platforms or with a false identity.