Stefanie likes the way her look has changed and she will continue to spend over £1K a month on procedures. MDWfeatures / @blondiesteffi

By Alyce Collins


THIS BARBIE-WANNABE had her first fillers at just THIRTEEN-YEARS-OLD after being influenced by her own MUM and now spends over £14K a year on surgery to look like her idol.

Lash technician Stefanie Mulic (19) from Sweden was immersed in the beauty industry since she was very young as her mum and aunt were both beauticians and they introduced her to the many ways possible to enhance her look.

When she was just 13, Stefanie tried fillers in her lips for the first time and immediately loved the look, however as she was so young, she waited for a few more years until delving into the world of plastic surgery further.

By 17, Stefanie felt ready to try more procedures and had more lip fillers which made her feel the best she ever had done. Stefanie loves having big lips as it helps her achieve the perfect doll look, with her inspiration coming from Bratz and Barbie dolls.

Stefanie has always admired the way plastic surgery can enhance a look and increase confidence. MDWfeatures / @blondiesteffi

Stefanie has always felt self-conscious of her nose and was even dating someone who told her that her nose ‘ruins’ her good looks, which added to her concerns and made her want to have a rhinoplasty even more. Since then, Stefanie has had her lips, chin, cheeks, brows and jawline altered, as well as her smile lines and her teeth done. Adding to this, she does waist training every day to add to her Barbie look.

Stefanie has had lip fillers every month since she turned 17 and budgets 15,000 Swedish krona per month, which is approximately £1,200 each month and adds up to over £14K a year. The multiple procedures have improved her confidence and gifted her with many more Instagram followers.

Stefanie is hoping to have many more procedures in the future, including breast implants, rib removal surgery, a face lift, butt implants, hip implants, buccal fat removal and silicone lip implants.

Stefanie likes the way her look has changed and she will continue to spend over £1K a month on procedures. MDWfeatures / @blondiesteffi

“I live in a small city in Sweden and have always loved beauty. My mum worked as a beautician all my life and my aunt works with fillers and Botox, so the subject was never foreign to me,” said Stefanie.

“I first tried filler when I was 13 years old, but then I started for real when I was 17 and it was the best I’d ever felt with fillers in my lips.

“I had always been insecure about my nose but I was dating a guy who once said, ‘you’re very good looking but your nose ruins it all’. I was so sad and then I knew I wanted a rhinoplasty.

“From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be blonde and beautiful like Jenna Jameson or Holly Madison – they’re icons to me.

“I have had a lot done since then, including my lips, chin, cheeks, smile lines, rhinoplasty, a brow lift, my teeth whitened, jawline and Botox. I also have fake lashes, love having my nails done and a lot of hair extensions. I love waist training all day to get the total doll look that it gives me.

Stefanie is trying to become as doll-like as possible. MDWfeatures / @blondiesteffi

“Before surgery, I didn’t really like myself at all, but now, after having surgery I feel so much better about myself, however it still feels like there’s a lot more to do! The procedures have helped boost my confidence a lot and I’ve gained many more Instagram followers since sharing pictures showing the work I’ve had done.

“I haven’t had a boob job yet, but I would like to soon. I don’t know how many times I’ve had my lips done because it’s too many times to count, but it’s been every month since I was 17.

“There are many more surgeries I want to have done in the future, including BBL, a hairline lowering, breast implants, cheek implants, super white veneers, rib removal, face lift, butt implants, hip implants, another nose job, liposuction in arms and inner thighs, cat eye surgery, buccal fat remove and silicone implants in my lips.

Stefanie likes the way her look has changed and she will continue to spend over £1K a month on procedures. MDWfeatures / @blondiesteffi

“The inspiration for my look comes from Bratz dolls as well as Barbie and Playboy playmates.”

Stefanie says that her life has become easier since enhancing her look, and she has no intention of stopping her addiction in the near future.

Fortunately, Stefanie’s family and friends approve of her new look and they support the changes she makes, which they think look good.

“Nothing has become hard to do since having the procedure, if anything my life has just become easier,” she said.

“I don’t know how much I’ve spent on my addiction in total, but I try to just keep it to about 15,000 Swedish krona per month.

“My family and friends don’t mind it at all, and they actually think it looks really good on me! I’m really happy with the results so far and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.”


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