By Liana Jacob


THIS WOMAN is ENGAGED to her BOSS who is 24-YEARS OLDER than her and despite receiving backlash from strangers who call her a ‘GOLD DIGGER’ she insists that their love is real and that he is a great father-figure to her two children.

In 2014, hospitality worker, Cathy Polkinghorne (30) from Bairnsdale, Australia, met her boss, Christopher Bibby (54), while they were both in relationships; she had a boyfriend and he had a wife.

For a year they had become great friends and felt a connection with each other and got together after they split from their partner and wife.

Cathy and Christopher (3). MDWfeatures / Cathy Polkinghorne

While their families, including Cathy’s children, Serenity (11) and Angelina (9), were all very happy with their relationship, they received negative attention from strangers who would call her a gold-digger and a homewrecker. However, they have since proved them wrong by getting engaged and have now officially been together for four years.

While she says that Christopher’s parenting approach can differ from her own, Cathy says that her daughters love him.

“Chris was actually my boss; we both had a partner/wife at the time, but we soon became great friends. We talked for hours. Twelve months of talking, emotions obviously got involved,” Cathy said.

“There was a connection between us; we were friends for twelve months first. We had other partners at the time and tried to be professional.

Cathy and Christopher posing together. MDWfeatures / Cathy Polkinghorne

“It was his eyes, great butt and his understanding and patience that attracted me to him. For Chris, it was my energy and vibe, the easiness of how everything flowed. We seem to have the same goals.

“After we split from our partners, that’s when we decided to take a leap. It wasn’t easy. I was now dating a public figure in a small town. I was dubbed a home wrecker, gold digger to start. But we have pushed on.

“I have two kids and we have slightly different views on parenting; I’ve had to learn to let go and back Chris up if he is laying down the law even if I think differently and vice versa.

“My kids love him; he’s firm, fair and always there. He’s a man child so they get along and my family didn’t mind about our age gap, if anything they love him more for it, as they’d have common ground and experiences.

Cathy pictured with her children and boyfriend, Christopher. MDWfeatures / Cathy Polkinghorne

“After we came out, I was still working there as a waitress. I had one customer, say, ‘are you two dating? Figures, you little gold digger’, we live in a very small town and the rumour mill was ripe.

“We are engaged now but someone needs a divorce first; it’s no rush at the moment.”

Cathy says that despite receiving comments against their relationship, they have learned to ignore them and that as long as they are happy that is all that matters.

“We used to get comments like, ‘is that her dad or partner’, but now it’s just quiet looks. We’ve been together now for five years so people are used to it,” she said.

“In life people will judge. You can’t help it. But what I can do is not care what they think. We are happy.”