LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Having arrived at Waterloo this apprehensive schoolboy and his mother need to find the right platform for his train back to school. / Retronaut / TopFoto

By Rebecca Drew


BLACK AND WHITE photographs have been unveiled revealing the excitement and anxiety of going back to school for children waiting at London’s Waterloo station.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A last tidy-up of his face by his parents then this schoolboy will be on the train back to boarding school. / Retronaut / TopFoto

The incredible series of images show hordes of young schoolchildren eagerly waiting with their luggage and families for the train to take them back to boarding school.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: The face of a wistful schoolgirl trying to get a last glimpse of her family through the train window as the train gets ready to leave Waterloo station to take the children back to school for the start of the new school term. / Retronaut / TopFoto

One image shows a little girl saying goodbye to her beloved pet dog, two schoolboys reading the train departures board in search of their platform and another young boy sitting on a bench anxiously eating a bag of sweets.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Even the family dog needs to say goodbye with a hug for this schoolgirl before she boards the train that will take her back to boarding school for another term. / Retronaut / TopFoto

Further photos show a brother and sister sitting with their mother as they wait for their train, a mother cleaning her son’s face before boarding the train and children desperately trying to catch a final glimpse of their parents waving them off as the train rolls out of the station.

The pictures were taken at Waterloo station, London in 1954 as the new school term began.