Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

By Mark McConville


PEEK INSIDE the abandoned care home that once featured on the Most Haunted TV show where one of the presenters had a knife thrown at him by a ‘ghost’.

Eerie images show the huge mansion from outside, a curtain separating the room with feet underneath it and the large, empty living areas.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

Other spooky snaps show the kitchen where Karl from Most Haunted was struck on the head by a flying knife seemingly coming out of nowhere, stacks of documents left behind and nature beginning to reclaim the corridors and rooms.

The striking shots were taken at Standon Hall in Staffordshire by an urban explorer known as The Elusive.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

“Creeping around as there were so many noises and movements around the building I was convinced there was someone else in the property with me,” they said.

“I wasn’t sure whether there was anyone here as I heard a lot of sounds whilst in was in there; whistling from around one of the corridors, footsteps on the stairs lots of clattering from the kitchen.

“At one point I’d turned a corner on the second floor and quickly ducked back as I saw movement at the other end of the corridor I waited for a good 10 minutes and no one ever appeared so I carried on.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

“One of the weirder things to happen while I was there was in the main hall. The staircase lights were only on downstairs when I went upstairs and photographed the left hand side of the house.

“When I came back through the stairway the lights were on. Very strange. I don’t mind saying that confused me and put me a little more on edge than I usually am.”

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

Standon Hall, a Grade II Listed mansion, was originally built as a family home in 1910 before being used as a hospital from 1925 to 1983 and a care facility until 2016.

The former care home featured on Most Haunted across three episodes in June 2017 after residents and staff claimed to have heard doors opening and closing on their own, the sound of crashing cries and moans.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

The Most Haunted team heard growling in the basement and spotted the outline of something out of the corner of their eyes.

The team were shaken during their visit and a knife was thrown across the kitchen by an unknown source twice, striking one of the presents on the head the second time.