MACEDONIA: An affectionate peck from one parrot to another. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

By Alex Jones



ADORABLE photos prove that unconditional love isn’t confined to just humans.


MACEDONIA: Serene: Anastasovski has been capturing his animal relationship photos for over a decade. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

Whether it’s a mother bear scratching her baby’s chin in just the right way, a doe-eyed deer whispering sweet nothings to its partner; or two giraffes locked in a tender embrace, these photos capture heart-warming intimate moments of these animals’ lives.


MACEDONIA: A baby beat loos the picture of bliss as its mother scratches its chin affectionately. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

The endearing shots were taken by Macedonian photographer and animal lover Goran Anastasovski who has been snapping animals and their behaviour for nearly 15 years. Many of his photos are captured in Skopje Zoo in Gradski Park, near where he lives.


He believes that animals have a deeper range of emotions than we credit them for.


MACEDONIA: A baby equine nzzles into its mother. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

“In my experience, animals can show more love and affection than humans, so I photographed them to prove it,” he said.


“I’ve spent more than ten years photographing animals and have collected countless photos of these displays of tenderness. I have decided to finally share these pictures that show this level of love and devotion – to show that animals are capable of loving each other, regardless of human interference.”