Simon and Jodie pictured in the early years of their relationship. MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

By Liana Jacob


MEET THE HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS who were in a MONOGAMOUS relationship for SIXTEEN YEARS before they found love with ANOTHER WOMAN – and admit that even though they get JEALOUS, their marriage is stronger since they became a TRIAD.

In 2002, engineer, Simon (31) and Jodie Reynolds (30) from Perth, Australia, met in high school and fell for each other. They were in a relationship for 10 years before they got married in 2012.

For 16 years there had only been two people in their relationship; they have evolved and grown together, however, in 2018, Jodie met Tash Bee (31) from Northern Territory, Australia, who was working at a lingerie shop. Jodie was immediately drawn to Tash’s energy and she would regularly visit the shop, developing a close friendship with her. After a few visits, Simon met Tash and they all became good friends.

Natasha pictured (left) with Jodie (middle) and Simon (right). MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

Tash fell in love with the relationship Simon and Jodie shared, the respect and love they had between them, and they all began to develop feelings for each other. Before they met Tash, Simon and Jodie didn’t think polyamory was for them, but their mutual attraction between them all was something they couldn’t ignore.

They officially formed their polyamorous triad in January 2019 when they all admitted their feelings to each other. They have been smitten ever since and have even ‘come out’ to their family and friends, who have mostly accepted their relationship.

They are now discussing moving in together in the future and while they have had their ups and downs, they have never been happier as a threesome.

“Jodie and I met at high school, met one day, I asked her out the next. We have been together ever since,” Simon said.

“We have been married for the last seven years and been together for a total of seventeen years.

“We have had a fantastic marriage and we’ve always worked together with everything. We were always considered the high school sweetheart couple; we have grown into adults together and evolved.

Simon and Jodie pictured on their wedding day in 2012. MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

“Jodie met Tash at Honey Birdette whilst looking for lingerie. Tash had an energy that immediately drew Jodie to her; Tash has a knack for empowering women and lifting them up to make them feel beautiful.

“After a few visits I came in to store and we all became friends. Tash has said that she fell in love with our relationship first and the adoration and respect she could see between us.

“When we met Tash and developed feelings it was a scary time but the feelings, we all had and how well we flowed together couldn’t be ignored.

“It can be very difficult when people are searching for a person to fit into their relationship like this. We never wanted Tash to change to fit a role we were trying to fill but instead to mould all our relationships around each of us individually.

“We consider ourselves to have four distinct relationships; Simon and Jodie, Jodie and Tash, Tash and Simon and the three of us. Each of these relationships need nurturing and their own time.

“We are trying to create a non-hierarchical relationship between the three of us so that we are all considered equals, this is definitely challenging as Jodie and I have a family and history together and the three of us currently don’t live together.

Simon pictured with Jodie and Natasha. MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

“However, this is what we are striving towards. It takes a tremendous amount of understanding and communication. We aren’t perfect at it, but we are all dedicated to trying.”

Simon says that while there has been some jealousy within the relationship, they have learned how to process and discuss these emotions by being open with each other as much as possible.

“We think the best thing about our relationship is that it all happened so organically, Jodie and I had actually discussed this type of relationship before and decided it wasn’t something we wanted,” he said.

“Polyamory has opened our eyes to another way of living, it has changed the way that we see relationships and love.

“We now realise that the ‘normal’ monogamy view has nothing to do with our evolution and humanity, but it is rather a social construct that does not have to be the end game for relationships.

“We’ve found that since entering this relationship we have more love and support around us and our families and can only see that as a positive.

Jodie (right) pictured with Natasha (left). MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

“We don’t believe that this type of relationship is for everyone, but our philosophy is that life is too short and that we should all do what makes us happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

“It has enhanced our communication better than anything else. We are able to talk about anything and share the love that we have for Tash with each other.

“It has also been amazing to be able to share the love we have for each other with Tash. It is nice to be able to relate to someone that sees the person you love in the same light.

“After a few months of being inseparable we officially declared our feelings for each other and recognised the connection we all shared on New Year’s Day 2019.

“We are as dedicated and in love with each other as we have ever been, but this relationship has definitely challenged us.

“Jodie and I have been together for more of our lives than we have been apart, and neither of us have ever known a relationship with anybody else.

Natasha pictured kissing Jodie in the woods. MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

“This definitely causes some high emotions at times; we have all experienced jealousy and it takes a lot of communication and reassurance to overcome these feelings.

“We are not perfect at this and are working to constantly improve how we handle these situations. Generally, we try to be open about our feelings as they arise and have the difficult conversations.

“At the end of the day regardless of the challenges we face we have more love and support than we ever have. There is no subject too taboo to discuss and nothing we cannot say to each other.

“We ‘came out’ to our family and friends a few months ago and for the most part we were accepted with love and support.

“Tash told everyone in her life straight away. We did have a few people that struggled with the concept as they could not understand what it was.

Jodie (left) pictured with her husband Simon (middle) and their girlfriend Natasha (right). MDWfeatures / @threes_the_charm

“Some people still feel awkward asking any questions to get a better understanding but generally the push back we have experienced has been due to a lack of awareness and understanding, or difficulty thinking outside of the religious ‘monogamy’ box.

“We are discussing our options to live together; logistically it will take time to get to that point. Other than that, our plan for the future is to all be happy together for as long as possible and make this work.

“There is no ‘normal’, every monogamous relationship is different to each other, as are poly relationships, that’s what happens when every person is different.

“We don’t believe in judging people for anything but their deeds and how they treat others. We love to open people’s minds to alternate relationships and educating people about how our relationship works and that there are no societal norms that people must adhere to.”