MACEDONIA: More than a job: These stunning shots show that a zookeeper's job is probably the best in the world. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

By Alex Jones


WE ALL have that one special friend who you’d stick your neck out for no matter what – but what if your best friend is a giraffe?

Stunning shots captured at Skopje Zoo in Gradski Park, Macedonia show the true love between a dedicated keeper and his long-necked pal – including a tender hug, a playful ‘kiss’ on the zoo worker’s face, and the pair sharing a delicious leafy snack.

MACEDONIA: The dedicated animal carer has a special relationship with his animals. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

The charming shots were captured by Macedonian photographer and Skopje Zoo enthusiast Goran Anastasovski who has been shooting at the animal facility for well over a decade.

MACEDONIA A young giraffe suckles its mum. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

“Animal and human friendships are always adorable sights to watch,” he explained.

“The trust the animals put in us, and our deep understanding of their feelings and needs is what makes these interspecies bonds so inspiring. And it is even more astonishing when such relationships occur between zoo animals and their keepers – not even ‘pets’.

MACEDONIA: Leaf it out: Two frineds share a herbivorous snack. Mediadrumimages/GoranAnastasovski

“One such zookeeper, who I frequently take photos of, has found an incredible connection with the biggest animals kept there – giraffes. The endearing giraffes always follow him around, lovingly lick him and trust him completely – it’s a wonderful sight to behold.

“After seeing these shots, I think being a zookeeper is probably a dream job for so many people!”