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If you are booking a cruise for the first time, there are certain tips an expert cruiser can tell you. Knowing the best time to take a cruise is crucial.

Did you know that a record 25.8 million people cruised globally in 2017? The cruising industry is rising at a fast rate, and more people are looking forward to this thrilling adventure. For new cruisers, it’s necessary to know the best time to take a cruise in order to enjoy the fullest.

Life on the waters ought to be fun and thrilling, but you need to get your timing right. To make things more complicated, the best time is not always the same for different destinations. However, as long as you do your research and plan your timing carefully, you will have a great cruise.


When-to-Cruise Guide for Popular Destinations

Not sure when to take your cruise? Check out this guide for the world’s most popular destinations.

  1. Caribbean

The Caribbean region is ideal for sailing all year round. However, the best time is December through to April. During this period, the Caribbean is usually warm, unlike the Northern Hemisphere, which is generally very cold.

However, the late summer and fall is the cheapest time to take a cruise. The hurricane season makes it easy to get affordable bargains.

June through to August is not so favorable because of the massive crowds. The prices are also usually much steeper.

  1. Europe

Europe is broad, and different locations across the area have different prime times. In the Mediterranean region in southern Europe, you can cruise all year round. However, you will get the best moments between April and November.

In Northern Europe, you will have the best cruises from May to early November. The Baltic regions tend to have shorter cruising periods due to unfavorable weather.

  1. Asia

If you want to cruise to Asia, the summer isn’t the ideal period. It brings monsoon rains accompanied by the oppressive heat. The high season running from November through March is perfect for cruising in terms of weather.

In the high season, the prices are typically high and the crowds usually huge.

  1. Australia

Just like in Asia, the high season is November to March. During the Australian summer, you will find near-perfect conditions at the major ports. Between December and late January, many Aussies are usually on holiday, so expect big crowds.

  1. Alaska

Ships in Alaska usually cruise between late April and September. The best time to take a cruise here is between June and August. The weather is generally very warm, and the waters are always cool.

In other months, the weather can be very chilly, which comes with many closures. However, you will get lower prices during these periods.


Things to Consider Before Taking a Cruise

Cruising is all about proper planning. Before deciding on the best time to take a cruise, you ought to put in mind a few things and learn more about your holiday options.

Weather is indeed the most important thing to consider. The best time to have a great cruise is when the weather is nicest. The summer and spring seasons are the best seasons for cruising since the weather ought to be warm and favorable.

Price is another critical factor. The lowest prices are offered when the weather is very unfavorable.

During the warm seasons, there are many people on the ports looking forward to cruising. Balancing prices and great cruising can be tricky, and you have to act diligently.


Best Time to Take a Cruise – The Bottom Line

Any travel requires smart execution to yield great success. If you have been looking for the best time to take a cruise, follow this guide keenly. In the end, you will have enjoyed every moment of your cruise.

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