LONDON: whilst these stunning shots were captured in the BBC's London Studio, the most recent Doctor Who's have been filmed in Cardiff Bay. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto/Retronaut

By Rebecca Drew


INCREDIBLE black and white images have been unearthed showing behind the scenes of some of the BBC’s earliest episodes of Doctor Who which featured the first doctor and the Daleks and first aired in the sixties.

LONDON: A Zarbi featuring in the BBC Television series Dr Who , as an intelligent , ant-like creature toddling around the “web planet ” Vortis to the alarm of Dr Who whose esoteric spacecraft is the infamous TARDIS. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto/Retronaut

The monochrome pictures show actors getting into costume as the insectoid species, Zarbi, which resembled giant ants, who appeared in The Web Planet episode aired in February 1965. The terrifying Daleks and the Mechanoids are also pictured in a standoff, whilst another image shows the time travelling TARDIS after it had landed on the web planet.

LONDON: Daleks and Mechanoids. The Doctor will have his work cut out in his latest adventure. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto/Retronaut

The Doctor, played by actor William Hartnell, is confronted by Frankenstein’s monster, played by John Maxim, and Count Dracula, played by Malcolm Rogers who look ready to launch an attack on the celebrated sci-fi hero.

LONDON: Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert grabs a cheeky light of her cigarette from a Mechanoid, one of the Doctor’s deadly foes. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto/Retronaut

Doctor Who has been produced by the BBC since 1963 and when it was first released, was intended to be a regular weekly programme aired on Saturday evenings.

LONDON: Special effects have come along way in the last sixty years – but Doctor Who has always had the power to make children shuffle behind the sofa. Mediadrumimages/TopFoto/Retronaut

It originally ran for 26 seasons from November 23, 1963 to December 6, 1989, it was intended to be an educational show for family viewing to teach its younger audience about history as the Doctor travelled through time with its companions, a history and science teacher.

William Hartnell was the first Doctor and played the role from 1963 to 1966, starring in 137 episodes.