By Alex Jones


THIS STUNNING diver’s eye-catching ‘sea-lfies’ are so incredible that some internet sceptics have suggested they are FAKE.

Remarkable shots of New Zealand beauty Shannon Leah Myers, 31, show her posing with a delighted moray eel in a once-in-a-lifetime shot, swimming alongside the Great Barrier Reef’s famous ‘Wally’ the Maori wrasse, and hanging out with a nurse shark in the briny deep.

Apart from Shannon’s selfie with the moray eel, the rest of the shots were captured by her underwater photography partner Gabriel Guzman.

AUSTRALIA: The deep sea diver love sthe ‘special connection’ she has with the ocean dweeling creatures she meets. Mediadrumimages/GabrielGuzman/ShannonMyers

Shannon, who now lives and works in Cairns, Australia as a dive instructor, feels a real affinity with her ocean-dwelling friends.

“I am happiest in the sea with Gabriel and a camera,” she said.

AUSTRALIA: A nurse shark pulls alongside Shannon for a quick snap. Mediadrumimages/GabrielGuzman/ShannonMyers

“Sharing moments and interactions underwater that are simply indescribable in words.

“I am in love with the underwater world and consider myself so lucky to have had the encounters I’ve had. It is a huge passion of ours that we will forever seek out.”

AUSTRALIA: Gorgeous Shannon Myers with famous Great Barier Reef resident Wally. Mediadrumimages/GabrielGuzman/ShannonMyers

After more than a decade of diving experience, Shannon is still as respectful of the oceans and its inhabitants as she ever was.

“The simple fact these beautiful animals let me spend time with them amazes me every time,” the 31-year-old admitted.

“Capturing such special moments beneath the surface and the special connection I make with these beautiful underwater creatures is my driving force.

AUSTRALIA: Shannon and her underwater photography partner Gabriel Guzman who takes most of the incredible shots she’s in. Mediadrumimages/GabrielGuzman/ShannonMyers

“Hopefully these photos show just how important our oceans really are as well as the connections between the ocean and human life. I hope they make people think twice about the future of the planet and its waters.

“The majority of people I talk to love the pictures we take.

“Some people can’t believe what they are seeing and seem to think they are fake!”


Gabriel’s Instagram can be found here