A closed football stadium once used during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Mediadrumimages / Leland Kent

By Mark McConville


STUNNING pictures have revealed the hidden world of abandoned buildings after one photographer travelled the backroads to explore what’s been left behind.

Incredible images show a time-capsule house with everything left behind, a forgotten Olympic-size pool at an abandoned college and a closed football stadium once used during the 1996 Summer Olympics.

The Willie House is a time capsule to the past with everything left behind inside of the living room. Mediadrumimages / Leland Kent

Other striking shots show an old auditorium in an abandoned school, the ruins of Corpsewood Manor where a gruesome murder took place and old wooden seats left exposed to the elements for decades.

The remarkable photographs are showcased in photographer Leland Kent’s new book, Abandoned Georgia: Travelling the Backroads.

An old auditorium inside an abandoned school. Mediadrumimages / Leland Kent

“In Abandoned Georgia: Travelling the Backroads, photographer Leland Kent showcases fourteen abandoned locations from across the state,” states the blurb.

“Whether it’s a small six-room school or a sprawling defunct religious community, they are all left for nature to take over after being discarded by humanity.

An exterior view of the Willie House in Louisville, Georgia before its renovation. Mediadrumimages / Leland Kent

“Each chapter captures the beauty of these abandoned places through stunning imagery accompanied by a detailed narrative.

“Abandoned photography captures the beauty of urban ruins left behind. The author’s goal is to give the viewer an exhilarating look at our past and inside these forgotten places.

Mediadrumimages / Leland Kent

“Each location has a story waiting to be told. Georgia is home to dozens of fascinating abandoned or forgotten places. Follow along with Leland as he travels the backroads of Georgia, uncovering hidden gems across the state.”

Signed copies of the book are available at www.abandonedsoutheast.com.

Abandoned Georgia: Travelling the Backroads, by Leland Kent, is available now for around £13.